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Ayurveda Detox – detoxification and purging

Holistic cleanse

Green tea at the ayurveda hotel Larimar in Stegersbach
Detoxing at the ayurveda hotel Larimar

Dietetics is one of the four pillars of the Ayurveda medicine. In addition to massages, spiritual yoga and herbal medicine, the old-Indian “knowledge of life” offers a physical cleanse: on a daily basis we feed our body substances that may reduce our vigour and build up toxins in our organism. Ayurveda works against these effects by stimulating and strengthening the natural harmonisation of our vital energies.

Our body talks to us and Ayurveda serves as the perfect translator of this sign language: general discomfort, shiftlessness and various other symptoms can be indicators of a bad diet.

Holistic purging & detox

Ayurveda Detox works not only as a prevention of illnesses but also as a treatment of diseases. In order to relieve the energy system possible imbalances have to be harmonised. For achieving a longterm, holistic balance we need to start with a thorough cleanse.

What are slags?

The “toxic substances” that get into our organism every day can come from various sources: unhealthy food, tobacco, alcohol and drugs all poison the body, in addition negative thoughts and the resulting decisions, habits and living conditions also influence our organism.

Slags are deposits of acid and toxin that cannot be exuded by the body's natural excretory organs like liver, kidney, lung, bowel or skin. Ayurveda detox techniques can effectively support this process in case of an imbalance, dysfunctions in the body or a high amount of slags.

Why a detox?

Deposits in the tissue have a negative effect, especially on the skin, which starts to look saggy and wrinkly with age. But joints, tendons and ligaments also benefit from a healthy and regulated detoxification. Ayurveda Detox has a more efficient and healthier effect than normal detox cures because it helps getting rid of liposoluble slags and toxins, which often stay in the body after other treatments.

The best way to a holistic detoxification with Ayurveda is by harmonically combining the detox-cure with yoga, massages, nose-wash, herbal cures, meditation, breathing exercises and self-reflection.

Ayurveda cuisine

The Ayurveda teachings are based on the theory that nature is divided into three Doshas, the primary life energies:

  • Vata is associated with the elements of water and aether
  • Pitta is associated with the elements of water and fire
  • Kapha is associated with the elements of water and earth

The Ayurveda dietetics offer general recommendations for the our eating behaviour, meals as well as the right portions and mixture of ingredients.

A balanced diet based on Ayurveda supports the metabolism and tissue architecture and is also leaning towards vegetarianism. Eating meat should be kept to a minimum and alcohol is also not really helpful when trying to harmonise our vital energies.

The classic recipes and preparation of food in the Ayurveda cuisine ideally includes all six tastes (rasas).

The first step in a new direction

Find the perfect stepping stone to a new and holistic philosophy of life with the “Ayurveda Taster” and “Getting to Know Ayurveda” packages at Hotel Larimar. Lay the foundation with Ayurveda Detox by detoxing and purging your body in a natural way.

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