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Ayurveda in January

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Abhyanga Massages with the Indian Masters

Abhyanga Massages at the 4 star superior Hotel Larimar in Burgenland
Abhyanga Massages at the Larimar

The cold winter air and short days afflict body and mind and our longing for a regenerating time-out grows. How about an Ayurvedic treatment? During the winter months, the Hotel Larimar Spa will once again host Ayurveda masters from India, who bring the Indian sun to wintry Austria. Whether you are already familiar with Ayurveda or if you would like to try it for the first time, Ayurvedic treatments provide an extraordinary experience, which induce deep relaxation and improve your health.


The basis of every Ayurveda treatment is Abhyanga, a full body massage with oil that can be performed by one or two masseurs. With flowing movements the therapist applies warm herbal oil over the body, leaving you with a feeling of holistic relaxation and balance of the body and soul.

Abhyanga works on three levels:

The physical level: The body relaxes during the massage as the body’s tissues are heated and relaxed.

The mental level: You are pampered with heated herbal oil, which gives a deep feeling of comfort and releases mental blocks.

The medical level: The herbal essences of the oil and the oil itself unfold their effect directly as they are absorbed through the skin.

Ayurvedic partial body massages

While the classic Abhyanga is a full body massage, it can also be confined to specific parts of the body. Simply decide what you feel up to at the moment and the Ayurveda masters will pamper you with Ayurvedic partial body massages in the Larimar Spa:

Mukabhyanga (facial massage): For the face, head and neck, cooling oils are preferred. This massage sharpens the senses and provides an emotional release.

Padabhyanga (foot massage): When you feel physically exhausted, this massage invigorates and regenerates the whole body.

Udarabhyanga (abdomen massage): Besides the relaxing and tightening effect on the belly, Udarabhyanga improves the circulation of the inner organs and regulates digestion. It also promotes detoxification.

Soak up the soothing warmth in the cold winter months with an Ayurveda spa break at the Hotel & Spa Larimar. The noble ambience at our spa facilities will allow you to enjoy your Ayurvedic massage even more. The Larimar team is looking forward to your visit in Stegersbach, Austria – we look forward to receiving your no obligation enquiry and putting together your personal holiday offer!

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