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Ayurveda in November: Warmth and Cosiness

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Get warm for winter

Ayurvedic treatments at the Hotel Larimar
Ayurvedic treatments

When the days become shorter and fog covers the landscape with its grey haze, the body and soul long for moments of warmth. Ayurveda can help. Treat yourself to a wellness holiday in the thermal bath and the spa of the Hotel Larimar in Burgenland – your bright spot on winter’s horizon. And you will also have the chance to get to know the Ayurveda masters from Kerala in South India and allow yourself to be pampered with authentic massages, oil treatments and steam baths.

Ayurvedic medicine states that all parameters that determine our body and our health are based on three basic principles, the so-called doshas:

  • Vata, the principle of mobility, is cold and dry
  • Pitta, the principle of fire and metabolism, is hot
  • Kapha, the principle of cohesion, is cool

As these life energies are also inherent in all the things around us, their influence changes over the year. The dark autumn and winter months are dominated by the Kapha dosha and affect our mood: we become fatigued, melancholy and listless. We lack light and warmth that, according to the principles of Ayurveda, equates to a shortage of Pitta and its fire.

Fight the winter blues with Ayurveda

Targeted measures and Ayurvedic treatments have a positive influence upon your mood. These include activities outdoors in the fresh air to take in natural light and to stimulate metabolism. One’s nutrition also plays a big role. The cold months call for warm and nutritious food, also hot spices such as chili, clove, cinnamon, ginger and pepper provide us with warmth from inside. The Larimar kitchen team is happy to prepare Ayurvedic dishes for you – just let us know when you book your room!

Indulgence for body, mind and soul in the Larimar Spa

Massages, oil pouring treatments and steam baths also help you to thwart Kapha and to fill up on warmth. For example, an Abhyanga massage performed by the Indian Ayurveda masters combines squeezing and sweeping movements with special, heated oil. This special massage brings relaxation to your whole body.

Another therapy is Shirodhara, which indulges you with a special infused oil that is slowly poured over your forehead. The effect is a feeling of deep relaxation which also allows your nervous system to regenerate. This treatment also helps if you suffer from high blood pressure, headaches or insomnia.

Indulge your body and soul with pleasant warmth which is so dearly needed in the dull winter months. We are looking forward to your visit in the Hotel & Spa Larimar in Austria – send us your no obligation enquiry for spa days featuring Ayurveda in Stegersbach!

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