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Ayurveda Rasayana

Youth – from the inside and outside

Indian treatments during your vacation at the Hotel Larimar
Ayurveda Rasayana at the thermal hotel Larimar

As the science of youth and renewal Rasayana builds the crown of the Ayurveda medicine. According to Ayurveda rejuvenation goes much deeper than many western ideas of anti-ageing: Rasayana makes us concentrate on the spiritual self-fulfilment and prevention of afflictions that can be caused by ageing. 

Origin & meaning

Etymologically the term “Rasayana” derives from the Sanskrit and is composed of “āyana” (path) and “rasa” (essence).

The teaching could be translated as “the essential path”. In the early Ayurveda medicine the term stood for the theory of prolongation of life. Later, from the 8th century on, the term was often used for the Indian alchemy.

Rasayana types

Depending on the specific effects and treatments there are different Rasayana types:

  • Pranakamya boosts vitality and duration of life
  • Medhakamya stimulates the mind
  • Srikamya enhances the complexion
  • Naimittika treats illnesses

Strengthening vitality & vigour

The six traditional tastes of the Ayurveda medicine are called “rasa” and they should all be used in every meal: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy and tangy.

Rasayana mixes enhance the quality of the tissue with selected Ayurveda botanical extracts; their bio-active substances help organs to perform in the best way. Typical Rasayanas are, amongst others, ginger, gooseberry, ginseng, asparagus and also myrrh.

Rasayana serves as a general prevention as well as a treatment for current illnesses.

Rejuvenating cures

According to the ancient Indian knowledge of life, the Ayurveda medicine, youth is expressed from the inside as well as from the outside. Rasayana's holistic approach has an effect on the individual radiance and inner love as well as on the mental balance. The vital energy within us runs through every fibre of our body and makes itself recognisable via our skin, our eyes and our posture.

Ayurveda-Rasayana at Hotel Laminar

Special herbal blends, teas and Ayurveda meals support these inner and outer rejuvenating effects of our whole being – best in balance with yoga, massages and other positive interventions. The Ayurveda package deals at Hotel Larimar will also holistically take you back on your very personal essential path, on your Rasayana!

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