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A Slim Figure for Summer

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Beauty treatments at the Larimar

Natural and effective treatments at the Larimar
Beauty & Wellness at the Hotel Larimar

A healthy and slim body – who doesn’t want that? But diets and exercise often fail to bring about the desired result. For many years the Larimar Thermal Spa and Hotel in Stegersbach in Burgenland has been providing its guests with different treatment methods to lose weight, detox and defy the ageing process of the skin.

In March, when nature wakes from its winter sleep and the first delicate shoots begin to sprout, the desire to shake off the winter and prepare for the warm season is also inspired. Soon you can wear short clothes and bikinis again. Now it is still soon enough to fight problem areas of the body with special treatments so that you can start the summer feeling slim and beautiful.

At Hotel Larimar we offer you exclusive beauty treatments to have you looking your best, such as organic Meso Lift facials, body shaping and anti-cellulite treatments.

Natural and effective treatments at the Larimar

While you lie back and enjoy this innovative luxury facial treatment, highly active organic molecules are gently delivered deep into the skin using the Mesotherapy technique. The result is noticeably tightened and rejuvenated skin. Just a few of these facial treatments are sufficient to produce a lasting effect. For best results, the Larimar beauty experts recommend three to five Meso Lift treatments. Profound skin renewal without any needles or scalpels – that’s the Meso Lift Facial.

Nourishing treatments for youthful freshness

Special skincare products and treatments offered by the Larimar Spa give your skin the best possible care, guaranteeing a more youthful and vigorous complexion. The Larimar Hotel counts on cosmetic products by the traditional French brand Jean D’Arcel for its anti-ageing spa treatments.

Anti-cellulite treatment

Thanks to the newest technologies, the anti-cellulite treatment at the Larimar Spa effectively eliminates fat cells. In addition, it stimulates your musculature and tightens the skin tissue. For this treatment we also use a special Mesotherapy porotation method, which can delivers a highly active nutrient formula into the deeper layers of the skin and can be applied directly to problem areas.

Body shaping

While you enjoy the deep infrared heat on the therapy table, the combination of highly effective creams and effects of the heat makes fat cells disappear. At the same time your body is cleansed and detoxified. As a result you will be pleased with your visibly tightened silhouette.

The innovative treatment methods at the Larimar Hotel & Thermal Spa in Stegersbach effectively tackle your problem areas and rejuvenate your skin - so you can look forward to summer carefree! Should you have any questions, the Larimar Spa team is at your disposal. We will answer your no obligation enquiry promptly.

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