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Larimar crystal energy room

An oasis of calm and energy

Cristal Energy Room at Hotel Larimar
Cristal Energy Room

A visit to the crystal energy room at the Larimar thermal spa guarantees relaxation and helps you achieve well-being and regeneration. This stimulates cell renewal and supports the body’s own powers of self-healing. Step inside this oasis of positive energy and top up your energy levels.

Four flower-shaped waterbeds await in the crystal energy room along with a layer of rock crystal from the Himalayas featuring over 30,000 crystal-clear crystals, two laminar stone discs and a water wall of Indian sandstone which is directly fed by the thermal pool. The pure and natural loam rendering creates a special and healthy environment in the crystal energy room.

A heart full of positive energy

The crystal energy room forms the heart chakra of the Larimar spa hotel and can be found alongside the thermal inner pool. The chakras of the human body are reflected in the Hotel Larimar:

  • Crown chakra: universal consciousness, spirituality, enlightenment
  • Third eye chakra: intuition, perception, willpower
  • Throat chakra: communication, expression, openness
  • Heart chakra: love, compassion, warm-heartedness, healing
  • Solar plexus or navel chakra: power, personality, self-confidence
  • Sacral chakra: creativity, sexuality, sensuality
  • Root chakra: basic trust, stability, vitality, instincts

The significance and effects of rock crystal

Larimar stones
Larimar stones

Ancient Romans believed that rock crystal was the seat of the gods. It was said to give them wisdom, courage and fidelity in love. Indians used to place rock crystal in the cots of new-borns to protect them from evil. And Buddhists felt that rock crystal brought them perfect enlightenment during meditation.

Rock crystal is deemed to be the most powerful of all the healing stones. It has a soothing, cleansing and healing effect on the veins and blood vessels. It also has a stabilising effect on the circulation. And the stone can offer relief from headaches, joint pain, backache, menstruation difficulties and discomfort in the intervertebral discs.

Radiation from the earth and water are turned into positive energy by the rock crystal. It is able to cleanse the mind and soul and eradicate any energy blockages in the body.

Absorb the precious energy of the rock crystal and Larimar stones and round off your health break at the Larimar thermal spa hotel with a visit to the crystal energy room.

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