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Cleansing and Detoxifying in March

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Get fit for the summer

Relaxing at the Hotel Larimar in Burgenland
Enjoy the first rays of sunshine

The bad news: even if you follow a healthy and responsible lifestyle, metabolites continuously accumulate in your body. Chemicals that buzz through the air, water and our food put a strain on our body and can result in skin conditions, allergies or even chronic diseases. The good news: targeted detox treatments can help you to reduce harmful substances in your body and thus boost your vitality.

The first sun rays of spring tickle your pale winter skin and everything starts to sprout and to blossom. After the long winter, your body longs for regeneration and purification. Detoxing relieves your body and mind of the old and lets you embrace the pleasures of the warm half of the year without burdens.

Detox treatments have the effect of a thorough renewal. The goal is, on the one hand, to release toxic substances from the body and on the other hand to take in nutrients that the body needs to grow healthy tissue.



A range of special treatments in the Larimar Spa promote the detoxification and toning of your body. Thalasso treatments in the form of full body wraps and baths tone and cleanse your skin, at the same time providing nourishment with precious natural substances from algae and sea salt. By massaging certain parts of the body, the discharge of toxins and retained fluids in the tissue is promoted. Similarly, body wraps promote blood circulation and metabolism in the tissue and help to release waste. This is especially helpful for cellulite.

In addition to the special treatments in the Larimar Spa, one should also spend time in the sauna or in the steam bath in order to sweat out toxins from the body.


The vital nutrients that your body needs are provided on the one hand by highly effective natural products for the skin, yet equally important is to follow a special diet. In the course of a medical examination by our holistic doctor you will be tested for potential intolerances and get recommendations for your detox diet. The kitchen team will be happy to prepare dishes that are individually tailored to your needs. To promote detoxification, mainly alkaline and plant-based foods are incorporated into these meals.

Feel reenergized and invigorated for spring! If you want to do a detox in March, send your no obligation enquiry to the Larimar team in Stegersbach, Austria! Of course we are also happy to answer any questions you might have or to recommend suitable treatments for you.

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