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Health cure at the Hotel Larimar

To take time for a health cure is important

The classic cure is a stimulus therapy that should last 21 days. The body needs that time to be able to react positively to the effects of the remedies and to activate its self-healing powers accordingly.

Chronic diseases develop over a long period of time. That is why the new orientation to a healthy lifestyle also takes time.

Since you should consciusly enjoy this time positively, the Hotel Larimar offers its guests a variety of options for a healthy supporting program. Thermal baths in our own thermal bath, saunas, wellness program, health lectures and much more enrich your health stay in Stegersbach.

Basischer Meerwasserpool im Hotel Larimar
Energie und Wärme in der Larimar Saunawelt

How does a cure work?

A cure has a holistic effect on body, mind and soul. Even if the regions to be treated are primarily soothed and healed, a cure always effects the whole body. The natural healing resources build the basis for the treatments, from which the indications result. Many additional therapies like movement therapy, psychological counseling, pyhsiotherapy, psychotheraphy, therapeutic massages, electrical and ultrasound therapy etc. complement the treatment with the natural healing resources.

Cure costs can usually be deducted from tax, if there is a medical prescription or a medical reason. In the hotel Larimar you will be under the care of Dr. Karin Grün.

Natural healing resources in Stegersbach

In the Hotel & Spa Larimar you and your health will benefit from two natural healing resources:
  • Thermal water
    The Stegersbach thermal water is a sodium hydrogen carbonate thermal bath, the mineralization is 1.286,2 mg/kg water. The thermal water is used as part of your cure in the form of baths and also in the Larimar thermal bath.

  • Curative mud
    The curative mud has a supportive effect on diseases of the rheumatic type, after-treatment of inflammatory diseases in the abdomen and chest and also with certain gynecological diseases.

Cure at the Hotel Larimar in Burgenland

The hotel Larimar is a health resort in accordance with the medicinal occurence and health resort act of the Burgenland. Costs for curative stays and physical treatments, that are prescribed by a doctor, can be submitted to the health insurance company and deducted for tax purposes. Private health inscurances often grant an subsidy as well as daily rates.

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Your cure at the Larimar

Physical treatments support the natural healing resources. A team of doctors, psychologists or psychotherapists,
physiotherapists and therapeutic masseurs ensure the best possible healing success.
Your way to the cure

Informations for your stay at our health spa

With a private spa stay, you finance your stay yourself and determine the duration. We recommend you our special cure packages, which are calculated particularly cheaply due to the longer stay. Since the spa facility at the Hotel Larimar is set up and operated in accordance with the Burgenland Spa and health resort law, you have the option of submitting a spa application to the PVA or your health insurance company through your family doctor or specialist. Normally a subsidy for the cure is granted. If the state pension or health insurance grants a subsidy a private insurance also provides a daily allowance for the health resort stay. Depending on your private supplementary insurance, a daily subsidy is granted regardless of the state pension or health insurance. Please request the relevant documents from your insurance company and present our folders.

Treatment focus

Focal points in the area of our spa facilities


  • Chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Post traumatic damage to the musculoskeletal system
  • Paralysis of various origins
  • Neurovegetative regulatory disorders
  • Functional cardiovascular diseases
  • Neuralgia
  • Age problems

Further indications due to our additional treatment options:

  • Burn out
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Tinnitus

Healthy diet

Healthy and type appropriate diet

In the course of the spa examination, a healthy and type appropriate diet is also taken into account, considering the metabolism of the guest. On request the menu can also be designed for weight reduction. Intolerances and diets are of course taken into account by the Larimar kitchen team.
Healthy supporting program

Healthy supporting program in and round the Hotel Larimar

There are many ways to spend varied, relaxing and healthy days at the Larimar.

  • In the Hotel Larimar: Swimming in thermal and alkaline sea water, saunas, aqua fitness, gymnastics, spinal exercises, relaxation exercises, health lectures, cardio fit training in the gym, lifestyle advice and much more.
  • Around the Larimar: hiking, walking and running in the adventure arena Stegersbach, golfing on the largest golf course in Austria, horse riding, tennis
Spa package offers

Cure packages in the thermal and health hotel Larimar

3 focal points for your health

  • Musculoskeletal disorders A healthy musculoskeletal system is a prerequisite for physical well-being.
  • Tinnitus An early therapy in the Larimar with relexation and psychotherapeutic advice offers the best chance of recovery from tinnitus. Conversations and a thorough ENT, medical and psychological diagnosis build the starting point.
  • Burnout Consciously treat yourself to breaks from the demanding and stressful everyday life. Give your body and mind the opportunity to regenerate.

Hotel Larimar ****

  • 21 nights with the Larimar Inclusive Services
  • 1 medical admission and examination 
  • 10 physical cure treatments 20 minutes
  • 10 cure moor bud packs small
  • 8 thermal tube baths
  • daily thermal baths and saunas according to medical prescription
  • daily wellness programm with active/relaxation training
  • 3 individual fitness trainings
  • 1 final medical examination with medical report
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