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Energy treatments at the Larimar Spa

Inner balance and harmony

Energy treatments at the Larimar spa

The various pressures of everyday life disturb the flow of energy in the body and are expressed in the form of physical and mental complaints in the body. At the Larimar Spa, specially selected treatments are offered to help harmonise this energy flow and re-establish your inner balance. Let our well-trained and experienced energy practitioners relieve any tensions and blockages in your body with their gentle techniques.

Here is an extract from the comprehensive range of treatments on offer at the Larimar Spa:

An energy stone from the Caribbean: the larimar

Larimar stone massage in Burgenland
Larimar stone massage

Larimar stones are a particular focal point of our massages. The healing blue larimar stones are energised before the treatment and placed on your body where the power of the stones penetrates deep inside the body. You can experience the following treatments using the larimar stones:

Larimar stone massage: this classic massage uses energising larimar stones in addition to cool marble and warm basalt. The temperature contrast promotes blood flow, stimulates the lymph system and detoxifies the body while the larimar stones impact on the body’s chakras and generate energy and relaxation.

De luxe larimar stone massage: during this massage, you will lie down on ‘layout stones’ to relax and warm all the muscles of your back. Stones are also placed between your hands and toes to complete this soothing and energising treatment.

Larimar energy massage: energising massage creams are applied to the back and backs of the legs to break down blockages. The energy of the larimar stones promotes the relaxation and balancing of the body’s energies.

Energising massages

Pulling and pressure techniques
Pulling and pressure techniques

The following exceptional massage experiences also await at the Larimar Spa:

Aromatherapy massage: essential oils of your choice make this a relaxing massage for the body and soul.

Singing bowl massage: we recommend this massage in times of stress and mental strain. Singing bowls at different pitches are placed close to the body and the vibrations produced impact on the body’s chakras and harmonise the flow of energy.

Lomi Lomi Nui: powerful yet gentle massage strokes, warm fragrant oil, movement to the sounds of Hawaii and ritual elements define this massage which soothes the body and soul.

Cranio Sacral treatment: pulling and pressure techniques are applied to the body in this treatment to break down blockages and dysfunctionality and boost energy levels.

See the spa brochure for details and additional treatments.

The Larimar energy experts would be happy to help you choose the treatments best suited to you. Send a non-binding enquiry to the team at the Larimar spa hotel in Stegersbach.

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