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Excursions in Hungary

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A glimpse beyond Austria

Sacred buildings from various eras, old fortresses and castles and diverse landscapes. Take a look beyond the borders of Austria to Hungary where there are many treasures worth visiting! Szombathely, for example, offers a town centre containing both impressive buildings and a modern shopping street. Further to the south is another gem – the Raab – Örsèg – Goricko Nature Park where you can enjoy some beautiful walks.

Szombathely (Steinamanger)

The historic town centre of Szombathely is well worth seeing thanks to its numerous churches and Classical buildings – the cathedral is a real must. A trip to Hungary’s oldest town located just 50 km from Stegersbach is also worth it for the shopping! Furthermore, Szombathely is renowned for its many cultural events such as the spring festival, Sarvaria carnival and open-air festival in the Iseum.

Sights and points of interest:

  • St. Martin‘s church
  • St. Georgs church 
  • Szombathely synagogue 
  • Iseum Savariense
  • Village museum
  • Járdányi Paulovics István ruin
  • Savaria museum
  • Smidt museum
  • Bartók festival (July)
  • Lamantin jazz festival (June)

Directions: take the road L386 to Oberdorf/Unterwart and follow the road B36 to Szombathély ca. 50 min, 49 km

Raab – Örsèg – Goricko Nature Park

Raab – Örsèg – Goricko Nature Park
Raab – Örsèg – Goricko Nature Park

The nature park is located between the countries of Austria, Hungary and Slovenia and is home to numerous languages and cultures as well as a wide range of landscape forms. The exceptional nature is best explored along the themed footpaths and culinary specialities, such as Uhudler and freshly pressed apple juice, round off the trip.

You can get more information in the Nature Park information office in Jennersdorf.

Sights and activities:

  • Canoeing on the rivers Raab and Lafnitz
  • Biking and hiking trails
  • Memorial 1664 (Battle of Mogersdorf during the war against the Turks) and Schlösslberg memorial
  • Anna Chapel
  • White Cross
  • Artists‘ village Neumarkt an der Raab
  • Ostrich farm Donner
  • Fairy tale forest Mühlgraben
  • Farmers‘ museum in Jennersdorf
  • Tabor castle

Directions: via Rohrbrunn/Deutsch Kaltenbrunn/Rudersdorf/Königsdorf to Jennersdorf, ca. 36 min, 34.5 km


The Romanesque parish church of St. Georg in the small village of Ják is one of the largest and most impressive of its kind in Hungary. The surrounding buildings date from the 18th and 19th century and complete this decorative ensemble in the town centre. Visitors interested in the history of the town are recommended to visit Ják museum.

Sights and points of interest:

  • St. Georg’s Church
  • St. Jakob’s Chapel
  • Local museum

Directions: via Rauchwart/Güssing/Moschendorf/Szentpéterfa to Ják ca. 48 min/46.4 km

Köszég (Güns)

Köszég in Hungary
Take a trip to Köszég

The town of Köszég is small but refined. The panoramic mountain offers magnificent views of the towers and townhouses. The dreamy park area is also perfect for walks.

Sights and points of interest:

  • Burgring
  • Sacred Heart Church
  • Heldentor
  • Jurisics tér, main square in the old town
  • Town hall
  • Parsonage
  • Former Pharmacy of the Jesuites
  • St. Emmerich’s Church
  • St. Jakob’s Church
  • Güns castle
  • Chernel street
  • Calvary Church

Directions: via Oberdorf/Unterwart/Rechnitz/Köszegszerdahely to Köszég, ca. 51 min/49.6 km.


Budapest is approx. 3 ½ hours away from Stegersbach but it is well worth getting up early for! Budapest offers everything a visitor could every want: unique buildings and monuments, colourful shopping streets, down-to-earth and sophisticated restaurants, a rich cultural life and friendly inhabitants. The result is a unique flair which is best experienced for yourself!

Sights and points of interest:

  • Buda Castle
  • Chain Bridge
  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Parliament
  • Citacel
  • The Great Synagogue
  • Rumbach Synagogue
  • Central market hall
  • Opera House
  • National Gallery
  • Hungarian National Museum

Directions: via Szombathely/Györ/Tatbánya to Budapest, ca. 3 h 22 min/273 km

During your holiday in Burgenland, you can benefit from the close proximity of Hungary. Take a day or half a day to visit one of these rewarding destinations. Back at the Hotel Larimar you can set your soul free in the thermal spa or spa area after a tiring but memorable day’s sightseeing. Bring your holiday one step closer and send a non-binding enquiry to the Hotel & Spa Larimar! See you soon in Stegersbach!

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