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Exercising to balance the four elements

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Recommended sports to reinforce the elements of earth, fire, water and air

Reinforcing the elements at the Hotel Larimar in Burgenland
Reinforcing the elements

Sport keeps you fit and healthy and helps to balance the soul. Getting plenty of exercise is therefore beneficial and forms a key part of any balanced lifestyle. Certain types of sport help us to reinforce the balance of elements within us.

With the aid of our personality type analysis, you can find out which elements are strongest in you are which are weakest. Different sports are recommended for different individual constitutions in order to reinforce the weaker elements.

Reinforcing the element of earth through exercise

Sports which enable us to feel the natural ground beneath us are recommended to boost the element of earth within a person. This generates a sense of being carried by the earth, which in turn results in a feeling of confidence. The close contact with the earth is grounding and promotes a sense of consistency and balance. We recommend:

  • Nordic walking
  • Walking
  • Golf
  • Cycling

Exercise to reinforce the element of fire

To boost the element of fire, we recommend forms of exercise which concentrate on the core of the body. The element of fire is accorded to the area between the navel and heart and represents willpower and perseverance.

To boost individual fire-based energies, we recommend:

  • Body work
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Reinforcing the element of water

The element of water is boosted by sports which focus on gentle, flowing movements such as:

  • Aqua aerobics
  • Night floating
  • Back exercises
  • Swimming

Boosting the element of air

The element of air is allocated to the area which extends from heart to the eyebrows. Forms of exercise which free the spirit and relax the body promote air-based energies in the body. The programme of activities at the Hotel Larimar includes:

  • Muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen
  • Sound meditation
  • Imaginary journeys
  • Meditation

Sporting activities in and around the Hotel Larimar

Sporting activities in Stegersbach in Burgenland
Sporting activities in Stegersbach

There are numerous sporting options for enjoying the magnificent natural area surrounding the Larimar thermal spa hotel: play golf on Austria’s biggest golf course and explore Stegersbach on foot, going for a stroll, hike or run. The dreamy landscapes, mild climate and clear air offer the ideal conditions for enjoying sport in the great outdoors.

The Larimar well-being hotel also offers a wide range of sports and activities to bring rest and well-being to your mind and body.

Plenty of exercise supports the body’s physical and mental balance. The harmonious ambience at the Hotel Larimar and the ideal setting within this holiday region make it easy to discover and experience the pleasures of exercise.

Send us a non-binding booking enquiry and look forward to a relaxing break at the 4-star superior Hotel Larimar in Stegersbach!

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