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Element-based treatments at the Larimar Spa

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Feel the power of the elements

The energies of the four elements – earth, fire, water and air – are reflected in the temperament and character of every individual person. A person can be down-to-earth, fiery, cool or breezy, depending on which element predominates in them.

Element-based treatments at the Larimar Spa
Seaweed wrap

Have you seen our online questionnaire for analysing your element type? This is a great opportunity to learn more about the ratio of the different elements in your personality. We recommend a suitable element-based room to boost the element which is most weakly expressed in you.

At the Larimar Spa, we also offer exclusive treatments which can help to harmonise the energy of the elements in you and promote inner balance during your recuperation break in Stegersbach.

Our well-trained and friendly employees at the Larimar Spa reception team would be happy to help you choose an elements package to suit you.

See the spa folder here for more details and information.

‘Earth’ package

The earth element represents responsibility, determination and resoluteness. Earth-type personalities are characterised by objectivity, clarity and determination which makes them excellent problem-solvers. Earth-types are also good-natured, patient, realistic and organised.

In order to nurture the earth element in you, we recommend the following treatments at the Larimar spa and thermal spa resort:

  • 1 combination massage
  • 1 herb pack on the floating recliner
  • 1 spa pedicure
  • 1 ‘earth’ cocktail

‘Fire’ package

The fire element is defined by willpower, courage and generosity. People with a distinct fire energy are easily enthused, open to new things and can arouse enthusiasm in others.

For Larimar guests wishing to develop the fire element in themselves, the Larimar team of experts have compiled the following selection of spa treatments:

  • 1 Larimar stone massage
  • 1 soothing Larimar pack
  • 1 solarium session (12 mins)
  • 1 ‘fire’ cocktail

‘Water’ package

The element of water is defined by its adaptability and flexibility. Water-type people are sociable and empathetic. They often trust their own feelings and intuition. They place a great deal of importance on harmony and mutual respect yet are very sensitive and easily hurt.

To boost the element of water in you, we recommend the following treatments at the Larimar Spa:

  • 1 relaxing aromatherapy massage (approx. 45 mins)
  • 1 algae detox bath
  • 1 sea salt peel
  • 1 Thalasso full-body pack
  • 1 ‘water’ cocktail

‘Air’ package

Curiosity and an openness to experimentation define air energies. Air-types are full of ideas and have a keen understanding which makes them appear particularly eloquent and quick-witted. Air-type people also have exceptional visionary skills and powers of innovation.

The Larimar team recommend the following selected spa treatments to boost the proportion of the air element in your life energies:

  • 1 singing bowl massage
  • 1 aromatherapy whirlpool bath
  • 1 spa manicure
  • 1 eye mask
  • 1 ‘air’ cocktail

Have we aroused your interest in the elements packages on offer at the Larimar well-being hotel? You can concentrate on improving your inner balance here, surrounded by powerful tranquillity and endless comfort. Send a non-binding enquiry to the Larimar reception team today! The entire team at the 4-star superior Hotels Larimar in Stegersbach are looking forward to providing you with a fantastic holiday!

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