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Earth, fire, water and air at the Hotel & Spa Larimar

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The origin of all existence: the four elements

The power of the four elements
The power of the four elements

The four elements of earth, fire, water and air are reflected in all existence. The elements exist in different proportions in different people. The individual balance of elements determines how we think, feel and act. These varying concentrations of the four elements form the basis for a comprehensive fundamental character analysis.

Character type analysis

A simple character type analysis enables you to determine which element type corresponds to you. Take your time and answer some of the questions to get to know yourself better.

Character analysis based on the elements

Have you ever noticed just how deeply the elements are rooted in our being? We need only take a look at our language. There are many examples of certain characteristics being linked to the elements.

A fiery, hot-blooded or hot-headed person may be very temperamental. Conversely, someone who pulls things out of the air and has their head in the clouds is deemed to be light-headed and care-free. The element of earth represents a down-to-earth personality, someone who has deep roots and values solidity (solus = lat. earth). Water on the other hand is sometimes calm, sometimes rousing and someone who turns on the waterworks easily is deemed to be emotional, sentimental and caring.

The individual balance of elements in a person is not fixed in stone. Events in life or physical composition can shift the ratio. You might find you have a completely different result if you take the test again at a later date. This is an indication that you have developed further in a different direction.

To achieve a harmonious elementary balance, the weakest elements can be better unfolded using various methods. These include specific types of sport, a focus on specific kinds of food or therapies and treatments at the Larimar Spa.

Our host Johann Haberl and the Larimar team would be happy to provide more information about the significance of the elements in various fields in life. We look forward to hearing more from you – simply send us a non-binding holiday enquiry!

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