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Excursion to Güssing fortress

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The oldest fortress in Burgenland

Güssing fortress is the oldest fortress in Burgenland and towers over southern Burgenland from the cone of a volcano which is long since extinct. The fortress is a popular excursion and hosts various exhibitions as well as being home to a summer concert stage and the Güssing fortress festival.

Güssing fortress

The v in Burgenland
The oldest fortress in Burgenland

This magnificent treasure is a real landmark of the local landscape. A modern inclined lift will transport you up to this mediaeval world in comfort. A wide staircase leads from the fortress courtyard into the enclosed inner courtyard. The rooms on the bottom floor have been partially carved out from the rock. The staircase up to the bell tower is a highlight for guests of all ages and offers legendary panoramic views of the Pannonian Plain below.

A treasure trove of history: the Güssing fortress museum

Part of the fortress is dedicated to the fortress museum. 20 exhibition rooms feature more than 5000 exhibits from the rich past of the fortress and its owners. The most noteworthy objects include the ancestral portrait gallery, the armoury, the cabinet of curiosities and the resplendent art room.

The history of Güssing fortress

Güssing fortress was built in the 12th century as a wooden fortification structure and in the 13th century was extended to include a strong stone fortress. Following several changes of ownership, the fortress passed into the hands of the Battyány family in 1524. The fortress underwent further development during the 16th and 17th centuries to create a brick-walled fortification offering protection against the Turks from the east. After losing its strategic significance in the 18th century, it was another two centuries before the fortress was renovated and brought back to life like 200 years ago.

A knightly feast at the fortress restaurant

After exploring the fascinating history of the castle, the mountain restaurant is the perfect place for a knightly feast accompanied by delicious wines from the fortress vinotheque.

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