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Healthy and Slim with Detox

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Start into summer with a sense of physical well-being

Detox programme at the Larimar in Burgenland, Austria
Detox programme at the Larimar

Do you feel as though you lack energy, or do you suffer from unidentified skin conditions, digestive problems or headaches? Various health problems in our modern day and age can result from an overload of toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Be it food additives, environmental pollutants or medicine – it is impossible to completely avoid harmful substances. But there is a remedy: With a detox programme, you will do your body good by freeing it from toxins which will leave you feeling revitalised. Moreover, a detox programme helps you to obtain a slim figure – so you can welcome the summer!

Detoxifying and cleansing

A detox regimen at the Hotel & Spa Larimar in Burgenland comprises a special, individually tailored diet as well as highly effective spa treatments. Moreover, you will benefit from professional medical advice for a more conscious lifestyle so that you can enjoy your newly found vitality in everyday life as well.

Alkaline diet

The basis of a detoxification is a plant-based diet rich in vital nutrients. Vegetables, fruits, salads, herbs, nuts and seeds contain plenty of nutrients that have many positive effects on your health. They support your immune system, lower your cholesterol levels and protect you against free radicals. Furthermore, plant-derived vital substances also promote the formation of alkaline – and alkaline blood is the basis of our physical being. Animal products, on the other hand, promote the formation of acids in your body, so you should avoid these in an alkaline diet.

Body wraps at the Spa-Hotel Larimar in Burgenland
Body wraps at the Spa-Hotel Larimar

Detox with indulgent spa treatments

Besides a delicious, alkaline diet you will be pampered at the Larimar Spa with selected body treatments during your detox regimen in Stegersbach. Firming body wraps that promote blood circulation, caressing massages and alkaline baths and foot baths help your body to get rid of toxins and acids.

Additionally, you can enjoy the healthy thermal water at the Larimar Thermal Spa, which will relax and prepare your body for the various treatments. Regular visits to the saunas in the Larimar wellness area also help your body to release toxic substances.

Healthy exercise

To achieve ideal results for your health and for losing weight, one has to take care to get enough exercise. In April, you can already enjoy outdoor activities in Stegersbach thanks to the warm climate, for example walking, cycling or simply going for a walk and enjoying the sun in south Burgenland. Moreover, swimming in the pool at your spa hotel is the perfect full body exercise. If you want you can also join the daily yoga classes with the Indian master instructors.

Replenish your energy and power, cleanse your body and soul and enjoy a new, slim feeling that will accompany you into summer. Send your no obligation enquiry to the Larimar hotel team and reserve your room for your detox regimen in April in Stegersbach, Austria!

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