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Detoxifying and Losing Weight

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Health Weeks in January

Detoxifying at the Hotel Larimar in Burgenland
Detoxifying at the Larimar

From time to time one should cleanse the body and mind, be it from mental burdens and stresses or toxins. January is the perfect month for detoxing: the extravagant Christmas season is over, the year is still young and good resolutions are fresh. Detoxification and drainage of the body helps you to gain more vitality, a stronger immune system and a slimmer figure.

Why detox?

There are many culprits that can strain your body in the long run: overeating and eating the wrong foods, medicine, environmental pollutants and stimulants such as alcohol and tobacco. As a consequence your body accumulates harmful substances called toxins in its tissues, which in the worst case cause allergies or lead to chronic diseases. At the Larimar Hotel & Spa we offer a special detox treatment consisting of a nutritious alkaline diet combined with effective body treatments which will detoxify your body leave you feeling wholly revitalised.

Medical supervision

Offering you competent supervision during your detoxification regimen is specialist Dr. med. Karin Grün, who follows a holistic treatment philosophy. To ensure a successful detox, the regimen always starts with an initial examination on how to minimize stress and testing to determine possible allergies or food intolerances. Based on these findings, the detox diet will be adjusted to your needs during your stay at the Hotel Larimar.

Detoxification with the right diet

The staples of any detox diet are alkaline, plant-based vital nutrients. You can find plenty of these in vegetables, fruits, greens, herbs, nuts and seeds. The Larimar kitchen team takes good care that the dishes are not only healthy, but also very tasty. You can be sure that your detox regimen is also a delicious experience which will nourish the body and soul.

Alkaline body treatments

Baths, massages, lymphatic drainages as well as alkaline-balancing activities with a fitness trainer promote the detoxification process. Sweating in the sauna or in the steam bath also releases toxic substances from the body. In addition, we recommend sessions in our special Crystal Energy Room. For a beautiful and healthy start to the New Year, allow yourself to be pampered with full body and cosmetic treatments. How about a facial or a Thalasso body wrap treatment?

Take some time out between the Christmas holidays and the New Year to make your body fit for spring! Ask about our special packages dedicated to detoxifying, cleansing and losing weight in the Hotel & Spa Larimar in Stegersbach – here you can send us a no obligation enquiry!

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