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Spa stay at the Larimar health resort

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Health spa time is important

The classic cure refers to a form of stimulation therapy which should have a duration of 21 days. The body needs this time in order to react to the effects of the remedy in a positive way and activate its own powers of self-healing.

Chronic illnesses develop over a long period of time. Adapting to a healthy lifestyle therefore also takes time.

The Hotel Larimar offers its guests a wide range of options for a healthy supporting programme to ensure optimal enjoyment of this time. Thermal pools at the hotel’s own Larimar thermal spa, saunas, aerobics, health talks and much more are on offer to enrich your spa stay in Stegersbach.

How does a classic health spa treatment work?

Thermal spa water of Stegersbach
Thermal spa water

Classic health spa treatments have a positive impact on the body, mind and soul. While the treatments can sooth or even cure specific parts of the body, they also have an impact on the body as a whole. Natural healing processes form the basis for the spa treatment and generate healing effects. Numerous additional treatments such as exercise therapy, psychological counselling, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, healing massages, electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy etc. complement the treatment using natural healing methods.

Natural healing at the Stegersbach thermal spa resort

The Larimar Hotel & Spa offers two natural healing processes to benefit you and your body:

  • Thermal spa water

The thermal spa waters of Stegersbach are based on sodium hydrogen carbonate waters and have a mineralisation level of 1286.2 mg/kg of water. The thermal waters used in the classic spa treatments are offered as baths as well as in the Larimar thermal spa.

  • Healing moorland earth

The healing moorland soil has a beneficial impact on rheumatic diseases, treating inflammatory disorders of the stomach and chest and certain gynaecological disorders.

Supporting physical treatments, nutrition and a healthy supporting programme

Physical treatments support a natural healing process. A team of doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists and healing massage therapist ensure optimal healing effects.

The spa treatment also incorporates healthy nutrition adapted to your requirements and taking account of the metabolic processes. We also offer weight loss foods on request. Please let us know of any food intolerances or specific diets and the Larimar kitchen team will gladly take account of your requirements.

A healthy supporting programme in and around the Hotel Larimar
There are plenty of options for enjoying a diverse, relaxing and healthy day at the Larimar.

-      At the Hotel Larimar: thermal pools, swimming, saunas, aqua aerobics, back exercises, relaxation exercises, Qi-Gong, health talks, cardio fitness training in the fitness studio, lifestyle advice and much more.

-      Around the Larimar: walking, hiking and running in the Stegersbach running and walking region, golfing on one of Austria’s largest courses, riding, tennis etc.

Focuses of the treatments (indications) as part of our classic spa treatments


  • Chronic inflammatory and degenerative disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • Post-trauma damage to the musculoskeletal system
  • Various kinds of paralysis
  • Neuro-vegetative regulatory disturbances
  • Functional cardiovascular illnesses
  • Neuralgia
  • Disorders relating to ageing

Additional indications based on other treatment offers:

  • Depression due to exhaustion (psycho-vegetative syndrome, burn out)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Tinnitus

Funding your treatment

When spending a private spa stay with us, you are required to finance your stay yourself and can determine the duration. We recommend our special spa treatment packages which are particularly great value thanks to the longer duration of the stay.

Since the spa treatment facilities at the Hotel Larimar have been set up and are operated in accordance with the Burgenland Law on Health-promoting Substances and Spas, you can apply to your health insurance provider or Austrian federal pension fund to receive a health spa treatment.  A cost subsidy is usually provided in such cases.

If the state pension fund or health provider does agree to subsidise the cost of your treatment, most private supplementary health insurance provides will also provide a daily allowance for your spa visit. Depending on your supplementary health insurance, a daily allowance may also be provided regardless of your state pension fund or health provider. Please request the relevant insurance documents and present our health spa folder.

Health spa package offers at the Larimar Thermal Spa & Health Hotel

3 key points for your health

  • Disorders of the support and musculoskeletal system
    A healthy support and musculoskeletal system is essential for physical well-being.
  • Depression caused by exhaustion (psycho-vegetative syndrome, burn out, anxiety disorders)
    Treat yourself to breaks from the stress of everyday life. Give your body and mind the chance to regenerate.
  • The so-called tinnitus, a pounding noise of hissing, chattering or rushing, can have both physical and psychological causes and is often associated with sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and a high pressure of suffering. An early therapy in the Larimar hotel with relaxation and psychotherapeutic advice offers the best healing possibilities.

Non-binding enquiry for your spa treatment at the Hotel Larimar

Send us a non-binding treatment enquiry for your stay at the health resort Larimar.

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