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A hot air balloon trip over Burgenland

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In the air above the Larimar

Taking a hot air balloon trip with the Larimar hot air balloon offers you a chance to see the fascinating landscapes of Burgenland from a whole new perspective. The wind determines the pace and tempo and the trained pilot determines the height and landing spot. Admire the Pannonian landscapes from on high and enjoy feeling free as a bird!

Burgenland from a bird’s eye perspective

Air balloon trip over Burgenland
Air balloon trip over Burgenland

Depending on the wind direction, the balloon will carry you across the beautiful south Burgenland region which is renowned for being ideal for hot air ballooning. The balloons can rise up to a height of 2000 m! From here you can see across the borders of Burgenland and Austria.

Whether floating above the trees and roofs or observing life in the treetops and villages.  Spy on the shy forest creatures and grazing meadow animals and look down on the meadows and fields dotted with little farms.

Celebtarory balloon baptism

It is a truly majestic feeling to glide above the landscapes, surrounded by the tranquillity of the endless skies. After a gentle landing, this magnificent event is topped off by a traditional balloon baptism. During this ceremony, you will join the ballooning nobility and receive a certificate. This custom is derived from the times when only the nobility were permitted to take hot air balloon trips.

The hotel’s landlord Johann Haberl has been an enthusiastic hot air ballooner for many years and long had the idea of obtaining his own Larimar hot air balloon. Mr Haberl undertook his first trip in 1995 and was awarded the grand name of: ‘Grand Duke Hans the Climber from Bad Waltersdorf, Rider of the Skies above the Thermal Spas of Schwarzmannshofen’.

History of the hot air balloon

In 1783, the brothers Montgolfier were the first men who used the upward movement of hot air for flying. At the first try with the constructed hot air balloon, a sheep, a duck and a rooster were sent into the air because people didn’t know if you could actually live in the air space. When the animals landed safely on the ground after an 8-minute ride, humans decided to follow the example. These were the noblemen Jean-Francois Pilâtre de Rozier and Francois d’Arlandes. The heat for the drive was generated with straw that was burnt in an oven below the opening of the balloon. It was believed then that it was the smoke that let the balloon rise. But Jacques Charles, a physicist, knew it better and built a rubberized air balloon made of silk, called Chalière, which was filled with hydrogen.

Until the zeppelin was invented, hot air balloons were the only crafts that could make the dream of flying come true. The first round-the-world trip in a hot air balloon was in 1999: the Swiss Bertrand Piccard and the Englishman Brian Jones travelled around the earth in a helium balloon in 19 days, 21 hours and 55 minutes. 

A famous godfather

To mark its maiden voyage in 2010, the Larimar hot air balloon even had actor and rock legend Peter Kraus as its godfather! The first passengers were Peter and Ingrid Kraus as well as Larimar hotelier and landlord Johann Haberl. After a gentle landing, the Kraus family were promoted to the level of nobility according to the old tradition and were allocated the names:

‘Duke Peter the rock 'n roll nobleman, floating to and from Stegersbach in the air above the Larimar’


‘Duchess Ingrid, the refined and beautiful Stegersbach fairy above the skies of the Larimar’

Hot air ballooning in the Larimar balloon

Up to 4 passengers and one pilot can travel in the Larimar hot air balloon. The trips start out directly from the Hotel Larimar. With 2 passengers or more, the cost per passenger is € 230. You can register on +43 (0)3326 55100 or by emailing

A Larimar hit air balloon trip over southern Burgenland would be a fantastic gift for a special occasion. Simply ask the Larimar team for a voucher!

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