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Named after a Caribbean stone

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The Larimar: refined and exceptional

The Larimar thermal spa and golf hotel in Stegersbach derives its name from a rare and exceptional gemstone. The larimar reflects the four elements and the philosophy of this well-being hotel in its own special way.

Blue jewel of the Caribbean

Hotel named after a Caribbean stone in Burgenland
Caribbean stone Larimar

The larimar is also known as Atlantis stone and is a blue gemstone from the Caribbean. The only known source of this stone in the world is the Dominican Republic and therefore the larimar has become the national stone of this island state.

The stone’s fine and cloudy structure create a soft and delicate appearance. The larimar is one of the most precious minerals; its colour spectrum ranges from blue and light blue to turquoise blue and green and white shades.

The larimar and the four elements

The larimar has its origins in volcanic rock. The stone was first discovered in 1974 on the south-west coast of the Dominican Republic. These blue pebbles were washed ashore here – the actual source of the stones lies several kilometres inland. Thanks to its origins and special relationship with water, the larimar combines all four of the earth’s elements. A special feature which it shares with the Hotel Larimar.

“Animated by fire,
born of the earth,
moistened by water and
kissed by the air.”

Larimar as a healing and decorative stone

Healing and decorative stone
Healing and decorative stone

The larimar is sought-after as a healing and decorative stone. It promotes emotional and physical health as a healing stone. It is renowned in particular for its healing effects on the entire bone structure, helping to prevent deposits and calcification of the musculoskeletal system.  The gemstone can also sooth headaches, allergies and hypersensitivity to dust mites, viruses and bacteria. When worn as a decorative stone, larimar helps combat negative influences.

The Larimar shop contains a broad range of items containing this Caribbean stone. You can choose from various chains, rings and larimar stones in gold and silver. How about a gift for a loved one or a souvenir for someone special?

Discover the magic of the larimar stone which weaves its way throughout the entire Hotel & Spa Larimar. Here you can spend a relaxing break in complete comfort. Send us a non-binding holiday enquiry now! We look forward to welcoming you to the 4-star superior Hotel & Spa Larimar in Stegersbach.

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