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Lockenhaus fortress

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Austria’s last knights’ fortress

Lockenhaus fortress
Lockenhaus fortress

The Lockenhaus fortress is located at the heart of the picture-perfect Geschriebenstein nature park and is Austria’s last knights’ fortress. The fortress is shrouded in mystery and is one of the biggest treasures in Burgenland in art and history terms, situated close to the Austrian-Hungarian border.  Here you can visit a museum which hosts various exhibitions as well as the rooms of the fortress itself.

Tour of the fortress and museum

Take a tour of the fortress either on your own or with a guide (for groups of 15 or more, advance registration required). There are various exciting rooms to explore. The highlights include the knights’ hall with its Gothic ribbed vaults, the 16th century smokehouse, the princes’ room, the mystical sanctuary and the armoury.

In the museum, you can learn all about the history of the Lockenhaus fortress and its inhabitants. It is suspected that the fortress was originally the basis of a knights templar. Whatever the case, Lockenhaus fortress is now home to one of the largest bat colonies in Central Europe.

The following themed tours are available:

  • Knights templar
  • From ruins to fortress
  • The lives of the bats and their protection

Knightly feasting in the fortress tavern

There are plenty of knightly things to explore in this authentic knights’ fortress. You can savour an impressive ambience and some delicious authentic food with a knight’s or mercenary’s meal in the tavern during the evening. On request, minstrels will accompany your meal with some music and humorous verse!

The Lockenhaus fortress was built in 1200 above the Güns valley. The oldest preserved parts are the castle keep, the circular wall of the main building and the late Romanesque chapel tower.

The Lockenhaus fortress is open to visitors all year round from 8:00 to 17:00. It is a 50 minute drive away from Stegersbach.

There are numerous excursions on offer in Burgenland based on history, culture and leisure, providing plenty of variety for your thermal spa break in Stegersbach. The team at the Hotel & Spa Larimar are already looking forward to your non-binding booking enquiry and your visit!

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