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Medical services at the Larimar hotel

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The Larimar health hotel in Burgenland

Doctors at the hotel: the Larimar Spa offers this exceptional health service as part of your thermal spa holiday. The costs of any medical investigations or acupuncture treatments will partly be covered by your health insurance company.

Medical assessment at the Larimar Spa

Dr. med. Karin Grün: our general practitioner also specialises in acupuncture, psychosomatics, Qi Gong and metabolic balance.

Dr. Günther Ifkovits: a psychologist and psychotherapist with long-standing experience in systemic therapy; a specialist in burn-out and burn-out prevention.

Dr. ind. Kukku Ramesh: After Ayurveda medicine studies in Trivandrum, Kerala, Dr. Ramesh did an additional training for the diploma for Naturophaty and Yoga. The physician gained years of experience in resorts in Kerala, the Maldives and in Austria. During the Larimar Ayurveda season, you can visit the Indian Ayurveda specialist Dr. ind. Kukku Ramesh for health consultations according to Ayurvedic criteria.

Medical well-being in Austria

Relaxation-seekers value the exceptionally peaceful and harmonious ambience of the Larimar hotel which exudes comfort and well-being. In this relaxing environment, you will find the time and peace and quiet to listen to yourself and reflect on your own health. Together with our team of health experts, you can apply targeted measure to stay healthy.

Dr. med. Karin Grün sums it up:

“A health break at a thermal spa offers a relaxing setting where you can think about your health and energy levels and activate your ‘own internal doctor’ following a doctor’s appointment. Your consultation may focus on developing an awareness of any blockages in your system, finding solutions and drawing on resources to optimise your energy balance”.

New pathways to greater well-being

The Larimar health hotel offers a wide range of treatment methods from all over the world which have been specially selected and adapted to one another. This allows the Larimar team to efficiently support your pathway to gaining greater energy.

Vitality check/burn-out and sleep check

Greater well-being at the Larimar in Burgenland
Greater well-being

An analysis of your heart rate will be used to create an image of your heartbeat – the fire of life – which then provides information about your biological age, performance potential, regeneration ability and any sleep problems you may be experiencing.  The first signs of burn-out can also be identified. Learn to understand and actively influence your body better. If you would like to undergo our vitality check, please let us know at least 7 days before you arrive!

Key aspects of the Larimar treatment offers

  • Applications for the back and joints
  • Stress reduction and burn-out cures
  • Lifestyle advice for a positive mental and emotional focus in life
  • Effective help with sleep problems
  • Healthy eating and increasing life energy
  • Detoxing and strengthening the immune system
  • Cardiovascular training and improving fitness

Choose a relaxing thermal spa break at the unique Hotel Larimar in Austria for medical well-being at the highest level. The team at your health hotel in Stegersbach looks forward to receiving your non-binding enquiry.

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