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Nutrition based on the 4 elements

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Bring the elements into balance

The four elements are expressed differently in every living creature, and this includes human beings. The aim is to bring the four elements into balance and boost any weakly expressed elements. Nutrition plays a key role in this. A lasting balance of the elements can be achieved by selecting specific foods. Here you will find the Larimar’s recommendations for a healthy and balanced nutrition.

Reinforcing the element of earth

Nutrition based on the 4 elements at the Hotel Larimar
Nutrition based on the 4 elements

To boost the element of earth, we recommend eating rich and hearty food. Foods which are allocated to the earth element provide stability and grounding.

This grounding is also offered by vegetables which predominantly grow in the ground: roots and root vegetables, potatoes, rock salt, peanuts, peanut oil, strawberries, beet sugar, beet sugar syrup, kohlrabi and cereals, especially buckwheat.

Some foods are allocated to the elements of earth and fire: tomatoes, pepper, cabbage, chilli, nettle, mint, caraway, aniseed, fennel, onions and garlic.

Reinforcing the element of fire

Poor expression of the fire element can result in deficient digestion and absorption of food. A lack of the fire element can also make it difficult for the body to fight illness.

In such cases, choose hot, light, dry and aromatic dishes. Cold or cooling dishes such as crudités will not have a beneficial effect. Strong spices such as cayenne pepper, mustard, ginger and bitter foods like citrus foods are recommended.

To boost the fire element in your body, you should eat foods which have ripened in the sun and carry a lot of heat: citrus fruits, cinnamon, olives, olive oil, ginger, sunflower seeds, sunflower seed oil, cereals, tomatoes, pepper and chilli etc. Red meat and dishes which are seared, grilled and spiced are particularly full of fire-based energy.

Reinforcing the element of water

When the body is deficient in the water element, food should be used to help the body store more water. Salt-rich foods with a high water content such as fruit and vegetables as well as dairy products are beneficial.

Fish, seafood, algae, rice and water-rich fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, cucumbers and melons all help boost the element of water.

Reinforcing the element of air

In the absence of the element of air, the energy flows in the body may be disturbed. Foods which stimulate the circulation are beneficial in this case such as gingko, cayenne, garlic and ginger. Light dishes such as crudités and shoots bring the body back into balance. Raw dishes and dairy products, especially easily digestible foods like yoghurt and kefir, help to reinforce the element of air.

Plants which grow above the ground such as trees, shrubs and their flowers are beneficial to the element of air.

Larimar vitality cuisine with green toque

Vitality cuisine with green toque at the Hotel Larimar
Vitality cuisine with green toque

Cuisine is a top priority at the Hotel Larimar. Our food is one of the energy sources which we use each day to obtain new energy and zest for life. In order to obtain the optimal energy from the ingredients used, the Larimar kitchen team only cooks over an open flame. No microwaves or induction heat are used to prepare the dishes. In 2007, the Larimar was awarded the green toque for its exceptional, organic and natural cuisine.

Holidaying at the Hotel Larimar allows you to recharge your batteries and gain new energy. The entire Larimar team looks forward to offering you some fantastic days on holiday. Please feel free to send us a non-binding booking enquiry!

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