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Panchakarma – The crown of Ayurveda treatments

Five ways to inner cleansing

Relaxation during a spa vacation at the Hotel Larimar
Find your inner peace

Panchakarma means something like “five treatments” or “fivefold treatment”. The name derived from the five ways to inner cleansing that is based on the Ayurveda medicine. Inner cleansing is achieved through a kind of draining system via the body's orifices and helps to recreate the vital energies.

Especially those people, who feel weak or without any energies will benefit from the Panchakarma cure. But everyone, who wants to get rid of all kinds of afflictions – physical or mental – who plans a new start or longs for mental serenity will find a suitable cleansing method in Panchakarma.

Ayurveda cleansing cure

Targets of the cleanse are not only physical toxins, but also psychological burdens. During a cure slags and undigested food, the so called “mala”, as well as environmental toxins (“ama”) and negative experiences and conflicts are released.

The three Doshas of the Ayurveda medicine play a crucial role during the cure. Goal is a harmonic balance of these three essential main elements that make for the nature in our organism. First your individual Dosha type is determined and afterwards it is intervened or balanced with releases.

Five ways to lightness

Apart from regular Panchakarma cures, that are still practised in today's India, like drinking a small amount of melted Ghee (clarified butter) every day, in order to release slags in the body, this Panchakarma Indian medicine also includes five cleansing methods that are chosen according to the diagnosed imbalance:

  • Vaman: therapeutic vomiting
  • Virechan: bowel cleanse
  • Basti: (herbal) enema
  • Nasya: nose cleanse, for instance with a nose-wash
  • Raktamokshan: bloodletting

With these cleansing rituals the body's energy system is unburdened and disharmonies in the organism are balanced. Especially slags and toxins, that have clustered as acids and toxins in the body, can be loosened and are finally released out of the system with the help of Panchakarma. The Ayurveda Detox cure at Hotel Larimar is another great treatment for to achieve this.

Holism & combinations

Inner cleanse in combination with treatments from the outside will enhance the deep experience of the holistic cleanse even more. The typical oil treatments and massages like Abhyanga or especially oil pouring on the forehead complement the Panchakarma cure and the intensive cleansing effects.

During your Panchakarma stay at Hotel Larimar you will benefit from support and guidance by the Ayurveda specialists. Daily heart rate monitoring and individual health counselling make for a perfect cleansing cure experience. Get to know revitalisation and cleansing with the Ayurveda offers at Hotel Larimar.

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