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A piece of paradise

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Pleasure at the highest level

Regional products
Enjoy regional products

It can be found in restaurants, at trade fairs and markets and of course in the region’s natural producers: regional pleasure products based on natural ingredients, matured in the meadows, fields, pastures and forests of south Burgenland, sorted with care and processed with skill. A green clover leaf stands for the special ‘Stück vom Paradies’ (piece of paradise) initiative and indicates the quality processing of these delicious products on offer in the south Burgenland region. The clover is awarded to top establishments in the region which offer the highest standards of cuisine and hospitality.

Spiced farmhouse bread, aromatic fruit juices and distillates, juicy Moorochse meat and pastries from another world… the list of treats on offer goes on and on! Have you ever tried a chilli gherkin or pumpkin seed and uhudler sausage? These specialities can be sampled at the region’s top class culinary establishments!

Hospitality and cuisine

Craftsmanship, knowledge and passion. It is these three ingredients in particular which are applied to create top class cuisine. South Burgenland’s 40 pleasure-region establishments share a love of the land, the soil, the region and the gifts it brings. Lots of hard-working people can be found behind the scenes at these establishments who will you can meet in person during your tour of culinary paradise.

Pleasure events

Visitors have the chance to sample some exceptional regional treats and experience the charming hospitality of their producers at regular events.

Pleasure festival

Every year on the third weekend in May, the ‘Komm ins Paradies!’ (come to paradise) gourmet festival transforms south Burgenland into a unique gourmet paradise. Learn how pumpkin seed oil is pressed or accompany the winegrowers on a tour of the vineyards. Your hosts will invite you to watch crafts being made and there is plenty of opportunity to sample and purchase the items produced!

All of the pleasure-region addresses from vinotheques to general stores, excursions and culinary tips can be found in the paradise compass.

Cuisine, wine and culture… as you can see, Burgenland has lots of experiences on offer! Almost too many to choose from! But choosing your accommodation is not difficult if you are looking for a 4-star hotel with relaxation and well-being in a very special place: the Hotel & Spa Larimar is looking forward to welcoming you and receiving your non-binding enquiry!

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