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Sauna world at the Larimar thermal spa hotel

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Warmth and relaxation

You will enjoy the soothing worlds of warmth in the Larimar sauna world. Seven different saunas await which can be selected and combined as you wish. Whether in summer or winter, a sauna session warms the soul, boosts health and allows you to submerse yourself in relaxation.

The Larimar sauna offer

Sauna world at the Hotel Larimar in Stegersbach
Rest & relax

Treat your body and soul to some soothing warmth – this is what the Larimar sauna world is for! The classic Finnish sauna reaches temperatures of over 85 °C with a dry humidity whereas the bio herb sauna blends gentle heat and fragrant herbs to create a harmonious whole. The herb steam bath and the sole steam bath will pamper you with humid warmth which is particularly beneficial to the skin and bronchia. And to experience the pleasures of deep heat, try the infra-red cabin and the new infrared salt grotto. Here you can relax for longer in the lower temperatures and relax to the full.

Alongside the sauna, you can take the opportunity for a healthy cool down - the optimal addition to your heat experience. Plunge into the cold water pool or experience a quick session under the ice fountain with its refreshing crystals. Captivating spiral experience showers are also available and offer a range of different water sensations.

Panorama sauna

Larimar sauna world, daily from 10 am to 9 pm:

  • Infrared salt grotto with Himalayan salt stones, approx. 40 °C: NEW!
  • Sole steam bath with rose quartz stones, approx. 45 °C: NEW!
  • Panorama sauna with salt stones and a view, approx. 75 to 80 °C
  • Finnish sauna, approx. 80 to 85 °C
  • Organic herbal sauna, approx. 60 °C
  • Herbal steam bath, approx. 45 °C
  • Infrared sauna with light bath, approx. 40 °C

Space for rest and relaxation

The Larimar thermal spa world provides various inviting relaxation rooms and areas to help you achieve harmonising rest and recuperation. Relax in the comfortable panorama silent room in a cosy well-being ambience or unwind in the sauna relaxation room with its outdoor area. The spacious Larimar garden is also magnificent and impresses with its mediterranean flair. Set your soul free on the cosy recliners and savour views of the gently rolling hilly landscape in the distance.

The 6,500 m² Larimar thermal spa and sauna area provide guests with some well-deserved pleasure and dreamy relaxation. Enjoy a soothing break in Stegersbach at the unique Larimar Hotel which offers maximum comfort. Send our friendly reception team at the Larimar thermal spa resort a non-binding booking enquiry today to move one step closer to your holiday!

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