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Schlaining fortress

A symbol of peace

Schlaining fortress in Burgenland
Schlaining fortress in Burgenland

Schlaining fortress dates from the 12th century and is one of the best-preserved mediaeval fortresses in Austria. What was once a place of fierce fighting is now home to some permanent and special exhibitions focusing on historic events in the region and problems relating to peace and violence.

Today, Schlaining fortress is known as a peace castle and houses a centre for peace research and teaching which is unique in Austria. Part of the Schlaining fortress has also been converted into a modern conference centre with a hotel and conference rooms.

At the core of the fortress site is a striking keep in the inner courtyard with walls of up to 8 m thick. The inner rooms contain a collection of weapons and cast iron as well as the unique European Peace Museum.

European Peace Museum

The European Peace Museum features a comprehensive and unique exhibition over an area of 4,000 m2. Four themed areas extend over two floors: peace, conflict, violence and the environment. Parents and children can learn through play about the causes of conflict and how it can be peacefully resolved. Themed works by prominent artists are also featured. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are also various special exhibitions on display.

Around the fortress

Today the moat has been transformed into a well-maintained, green oasis – the perfect place to walk, explore and while away the time. A walk around the ‘forbidden way’ shows how impenetrable the fortress must once have appeared to enemies. From the foot of the fortress, visitors can enjoy impressive views of the arches and pillars of the striking arcade bridge which spans the moat.

The fortress café is the perfect place for a rest and to recharge your batteries. Here you can enjoy a drink, ice-cream, coffee or selection of home-made pastries.

The impressive Schlaining castle of peace in Burgenland is around a half hour drive away from the hotel. This is a very rewarding trip for your relaxing holiday at the Hotel Larimar. There is only a non-binding enquiry separating you from your room in Stegersbach!

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