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Traditional Chinese medicine at the Larimar

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More life energy with TCM

Traditional Chinese medicine at the Hotel Larimar
Traditional Chinese medicine

Use the centuries-old knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to combat diseases and thus gain vitality and well-being. Targeted treatments at the Larimar will help you to balance your energy flow and to activate your self-healing powers. Moreover, during the whole month of September, the Larimar will host two Shaolin masters who will accompany you on your way to more life energy with energy exercises and massages.

Energy exercises with the Shaolin monks

During the daily energy exercises you will feel how blockades are gently released with the right movements and breathing. Start your day in Burgenland with Taiji together with the likeable Shaolin monks. This will give you peace and serenity for a new day. The easy, flowing movements are suitable for everyone, independent of you individual fitness level. For the more active guests, the Larimar also offers Kung Fu.

TCM with specialists

TCM treatments will help you to dissolve blocks in your energy flow and therefore heal or prevent diseases. Different methods like acupuncture, massages or cupping directly influence the meridians and clear blockades in your body. Yin and yang are brought in balance again and you feel eased and strengthened. During the TCM weeks in the Hotel Larimar, Dr. med. Karin Grün will support the Shaolin monks from China with healing treatments to increase your energy and will counsel you competently.

Dishes rich in qi from the Larimar kitchen

Beside the energy exercises and the health treatments of TCM, it is also high-quality food that contributes towards your qi. The Larimar kitchen, awarded with the “Grüne Haube”, will spoil you with dishes rich in qi that support your power and your health effectively.

Use your holiday in September to improve your life energy over a long time and to return to your everyday life with new strength. Do not hesitate to send a no obligation enquiry for your health stay in the Larimar in Stegersbach! Tip: Also have a look at our special offers!


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