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How to strengthen the 4 elements

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How to strengthen the element earth

The element earth at the Wellness & Spa Hotel Larimar
Element earth

To strengthen the element of earth are sports recommended which let us feel the soil. The connection to the land grounds us, this leads to more trust and promotes steadiness and calmness. Nordic walking, hiking, Golf or biking will give you a better understanding of the nature.

Another central role plays the nutrition. Here too, is the link to the earth very important: Roots and root vegetables, potatoes, halite, peanuts and arachis oil, strawberries, beet sugar and syrup, kohlrabi and grain, here especially buck wheat
Some foods are assigned both to the element earth and the element fire: tomatoes, paprika, cabbage, hot pepper, stinging nettle, mint, caraway, anise and fennel, onions, garlic and red meat.
The Earth element can also be strengthened through the consumption of beer and red wine.

How to strengthen the element fire

The element fire at the  Wellness & Spa Hotel Larimar
Element fire

If you want to boost the element fire, movement forms related to the center of the body are of advantage. The area between the navel and the heart is associated with this element, which stands for willpower and endurance. Yoga, Pilates or body work are very helpful.

A weak characteristic of the element fire can have a negative effect on the utilization and the digestion of the food.
Important are sun-ripened groceries: Citrus fruits, cinnamon, olives, ginger, sun flower oil, wheat, tomatoes, paprika, hot pepper, chili, etc. You will find a lot of fire energy in red meat as well as in seared, grilled and spicy dishes.
Tangy wines and some liquor help strengthen the fire.

How to strengthen the element water

The element water at the Wellness & Spa Hotel Larimar
Element water

Sport forms with fluid movements like aqua gymnastic, floating, spinal exercises and swimming assist the element water. In case of a shortage the body should be persuaded with nutrition to store more water. Salty foods as well as vegetables and fruits with a high water content and milk products help here. To the element water belong both fish, algae, rice and pumpkin, cucumbers and melons.
White wine and juices can be assigned to the element water.

How to strengthen the element air

The element air at the Wellness & Spa Hotel Larimar
Element air

The area from the heart to the forehead belongs to the element air. Movement patterns that liberate in a spiritual way and relax physically, such as muscle relaxation after Jacobsen, sound meditation, fantasy journeys and meditations, support the element air. If people lack the element air they have difficulties with their energy flow. Foods that stimulate the circulation, like gingko, cayenne, garlic and ginger and light meals such as raw vegetables and sprouts help  to get the body going again. Raw meals and milk products, in particular easily digested ones like yogurt and kefir and especially vegetarian food in general, boost the air-types.

A glass of champagne or sparkling wine enhances the element air.

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