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Health prevention at the Larimar spa hotel

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Stress reduction and burn-out cures

Coaching sessions at the Larimar health hotel with psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Günter Ifkovits will benefit anyone who has difficulty concentrating, finds it hard to switch off, suffers from bad sleep and even has difficulty relaxing on holiday.

Boosting health with a well-being break

Vitality check at the Hotel Larimar in Burgenland
Vitality check at the Hotel Larimar

Demands in the workplace are increasing and motivation and personal commitment along are often not enough to cope with balancing a job and private life. Handling one’s own energy potential is becoming increasingly important because lasting stress can cause health problems and burn-out.

Learn to identify and deal with your body’s warning signals and personal stress factors in good time. During a consultation with Dr. Ifkovits, you will learn about energy-sapping situations in life and which resources you can activate to combat this. This will enable you to find your way back to and maintain your inner balance.

Burn-out and vitality check

At the Larimar Spa, you will be given the chance to undertake a vitality, sleep and burn-out check. Based on a measurement of your heart rate over several hours, the process identifies your personal energy potential and forms the basis for professional health coaching and effective treatment. This image of your heart rate – the fire of life – documents any sleep disturbances and your body’s ability to regenerate. Signs of burn-out can then be recognised, enabling you to learn to better understand and actively influence your body.

For more information about the fire of life measurement, contact our spa team on +43 (0)3326 55100-930.

Analyse your burn-out risk: questions for self-assessment

  • Do you feel increasing pressure to prove yourself in your job and do you focus on this to an extent that everything else falls by the wayside?
  • Being honest, have you noticed that you tend to neglect relationships or activities in your private life which were once important to you? Do you tell yourself that these things are ‘not so important’?
  • Do you feel more pushed along than in control of your life?
  • Do you act as if everything is ok in your private and professional life yet admit to yourself when you have a quiet moment that this is not the case?

---> You are trapped in a burn-out spiral and we recommend a psychological check.

  • Have you noticed your concentration, attention span and performance waning and are you finding it hard to muster energy and interest?
  • Do the people closest to you appear concerned yet you just take it as criticism?
  • Has your communication with employees or your partner been reduced to the minimum? Do you feel under pressure and feel that you only ‘function’. Does your relationship suffer as a result?

---> You are now in stage 9 – 12 of the burn-out spiral. A burn-out break at the Larimar could bring you clarity.

  • Do you try to fill your inner void with replacement gratifications while knowing that this is not the solution?
  • Have you lost your ability to perceive change? Do you feel hopeless and without prospects in your private and professional life? Do you feel lethargic or nervous or get angry over nothing?

---> At this stage, you are close to having a mental breakdown. We advise you to seek professional health immediately because your physical and mental well-being are at significant risk.

Medical well-being in Austria

At the Larimar health hotel in Stegersbach, we offer burn-out treatments lasting one or several weeks in addition to coaching sessions with psychologist Dr. Günter Ifkovits. Consult our spa team! Phone: (+43 (0)3326 55100-930)

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