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Shaolin Wellness and TCM

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Get healthy and stay healthy

Wellness and TCM at the Larimar in Burgenland
Wellness and TCM

Various strains that we know from everyday life, like stress, bad foods and lack of exercise and sleep disturb the flow of energy in our bodies. Productivity and vitality decrease and we become ill. Pull the brake and take some time to replenish your energy tanks. In the Hotel & Spa Larimar in Stegersbach you will discover new ways to improve your health and well-being with the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM masters at the Larimar

In your summer holiday in the Hotel Larimar in Stegersbach you can meet TCM masters from China and benefit from their extensive knowledge of the body, mind and soul. TCM treatments as well as daily energy exercises help you to channel your life energy and to activate your self-healing powers.

Energy exercises for your Qi

The life force qi manifests itself in all existing things. When qi can flow freely, the body and mind are healthy. But if the energy flow is blocked we feel powerless and depressed. Also depressions and digestive problems can be a consequence. During the daily energy exercises at the Larimar, Taiji or Qi Gong, you will feel how the body, mind and soul are balanced again.

Greet the summer morning with Taiji that washes away the hustle and bustle in no time. Everybody can do the slow, fluid movements of Taiji and feel deep serenity and calmness. Moreover, it is a good way to stay fit and healthy up to an old age.

TCM treatments

Beside the energy exercises for the body, mind and soul, TCM treatments will support you on your way to more energy and better health. With acupuncture, cupping or Tuina massages, different ailments can be eased or healed effectively. The unique Qi massages will also harmonise the body’s energy flow and dissolve blocks. At the Hotel Larimar you are in good hands to undergo TCM treatments. The TCM doctor Dr. med. Karin Grün is there for you.

Take a timeout from your hectic daily routine, pause for a moment and fill up your power and energy. For your recreation holiday in August, the Larimar has interesting offers for you regardingn TCM. Gladly send your no obligation enquiry and you will promptly receive a holiday offer!

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