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TCM at the Larimar thermal spa hotel

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Activate your own energy sources

Traditional Chinese Medicine, a form of alternative medicine from the Far East, has been successfully applied for over 2,000 years. A range of treatments are on offer at the Larimar Spa to help you activate your own powers of self-healing, draw on your own energy sources and in doing so, improve your quality of life. Numerous complaints can be improved using physical treatments such as acupuncture, cupping and moxa while energy exercises like Qi Gong can improve various complaints.

Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Hotel Larimar
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses around the opposing natural forces of Yin (resting energy) and Yan (active energy). When a person’s Yin and Yang are in balance and Qi life energy is able to flow harmoniously, they will be healthy. Illnesses interrupt this flow of energy.

Medical supervision

Dr. med. Mei Li, a general practitioner and expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, will be visiting the Larimar again for a few days. You can see her for a medical TCM diagnosis and acupuncture treatment.

Well-being with TCM masters at the Larimar hotel

Qi Gong at the Larimar hotel

In the summertime visitors have the chance to refill the energy batteries with TCM Specialists from China. During daily energy exercises such as Qi Gong and Taiji, you can learn how to keep the essential life energy, Qi, flowing. Special Qi massages will harmonise the flow of energy in your body and break down any energy blockages. Take advantage of this special opportunity to improve your health and enhance your overall well-being on your spa holiday in Stegersbach.

Acupuncture and moxa

At the Larimar Spa, you can experience an acupuncture treatment by acupuncture specialist Dr. med. Karin Grün. While the acupuncture needles are inserted as part of the acupuncture process, specific points in your body will be warmed using moxa therapy. Both TCM procedures are used to successfully treat various forms of chronic pain.


Tuina and Qi massages at Larimar spa

Tuina can be used to treat disorders relating to the musculoskeletal system and any illnesses in the body. Acupuncture points, meridians and localised pain areas are treated using special manual techniques. As a result, you will feel deeply relaxed and will notice an improvement in these various sensitivities.


Cupping involves placing glass cupping devices onto specific points in the skin. The vacuum created by the cups creates a negative pressure. This stimulates blood flow in this localised area and activates the meridians. Blockages are broken down and the body’s own powers of self-healing are activated.

Qi massages

Qi massages at the Hotel Larimar
Qi massages

Massaging pressure and stroke movements are applied to harmonise energy flow in the meridians and sooth any physical and psychological symptoms.

Scar treatment

Special energy creams draw on the methods of TCM to eradicate any fields of interference around the scar tissue and create a free flow of energy.

Enjoy a magnificent relaxing break during your well-being visit to Stegersbach. The Larimar hotel offers a chance to explore the unique methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its long-lasting effects. Recharge your batteries and gain lasting new strength and energy to tackle everyday life. Our health experts at the Larimar are available to answer any queries or to provide advice.  Simply send a non-binding enquiry to the Larimar spa and health hotel.

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