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Thai weeks at the Hotel Larimar in Stegersbach

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Far Eastern Art of Massage

Thai massages and treatments
Thai massage at the Larimar

Enjoy incredible indulgence at the Hotel & Spa Larimar with a unique Thai atmosphere throughout the whole hotel in Stegersbach. Exclusive Thai treatments with beneficial, recreational effects await you.

Thailand in Burgenland

The Hotel Larimar is known for offering its guests outstanding treatments. Experience how various afflictions immediately get better with stretching and rhythmic pressure. Look forward to exclusive indulgence treatments during your spa holiday in May in sunny Burgenland.

Thai Treatments

Did you know that in Thailand the traditional Thai massage is called “Nuad Phaen Boran” which means “ancient beneficial touch”? The western European name “Thai-Yoga-Massage” gives one more insight to this special massage technique: The Thai massage is made up of a combination of yoga stretch positions, joint mobilisation and acupressure. Ten selected energy lines, which, according to the Ayurvedic teaching, run through our body like an energetic network are treated with gentle stretching and pressure with the heel of the hand, thumbs, knees, elbow and feet.

Massages for Body and Soul

Thai Relax Massage at the Hotel Larimar
Thai Relax Massage

Thai Relax Massage: A massage with finest oils that eases tensions in a very gentle way. It is based on the Thai Yoga Massage and the Thai Aromatic Oil Massage.

Thai King Massage: A combination of gentle movements, acupressure, reflexology, stretching, energy flow and meditation. It gently stretches and strengthens your muscles, relieves the spine, stimulates the lymph flow and deepens your breathing. Your inner power and energy are activated and you will regain harmony. Traditionally no oils are used during the Thai King Massage (in casual and comfy clothes).

Thai Head and Face Massage: A relaxing face and head massage in combination with neck acupressure. The blood flow in your scalp is stimulated which results in physical regeneration. Feel deeply relaxed and freed from nervous tension.

After a Thai Foot Massage you will feel like you are walking on clouds: First your feet are pampered with a relaxing herbal bath, followed by a massage that eases tense muscles with stroking and tapping movements.

Thai Aromatic Oil Massage: Premium oils with pure essences in a range of exotic scents are massaged into your skin with gentle strokes. The Thai Aromatic Oil Massage combines skin care and deep relaxation, resulting in an experience for all the senses.

Thai Back Massage: Special massage movements are used for areas with tensed muscles. During the treatment, tensions and stiffness are immediately diminished, the blood flow is improved and an improved sense of wellbeing runs through the body and mind.

Thai Package Deals for You

The Hotel Larimar has put together various package deals for you, which include everything from the “taster” package to the whole Thai-Week.

Request a quote for your Thai experience at the Hotel & Spa Larimar in Stegersbach today!

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