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Thai Weeks at the Hotel & Spa Larimar

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Thai massages in Stegersbach

Thai Massage in Stegersbach

Outstanding moments of bliss await you at the Hotel & Spa Larimar. Enjoy Thai massages, a special kind of massage based on the Ayurvedic teaching.

In the West European countries the Thai massage is often called Thai-Yoga-Massage. It combines passive yoga stretching positions with the mobilisation of joints and acupressure massage. Ten selected energy lines that, according to the Ayurveda teaching, run through the body like an energetic network are treated with specific pressure and stretching. The massage therapists use the heel of the hand and the thumb just as much as knee, elbow and feet.

Thai Relax Massage

Thai massage at Hotel Larimar
Thai relax massage

This massage with finest oils eases tensions in the body in a very gentle way. It is based on elements from the Thai Yoga Massage and the Thai Aromatic Oil Massage. Enjoy holistic relaxation and wellbeing for body and mind.

Thai king massage

A special combination of gentle movements, acupressure, reflexology, stretching, energy flow and meditation, resulting in gently stretched and strengthened muscles, reduced tension in the spine, improved lymph flow and deeper breathing. The power and energy within us is activated and used to regain harmony. Traditionally there is no oil used during the Thai King Massage (in casual and comfy clothes).

Thai Head and Face Massage

Thai treatments
Foot bath before your thai foot massage

Relaxing face and head massage in combination with acupressure techniques in the neck area. During this massage the blood flow in the scalp is stimulated, promoting physical regeneration. The result is a feeling of deep relaxation that melts away nervous tensions.

Thai Foot Massage

The foot massage starts with a relaxing herbal bath. Afterwards the feet are massaged and tense foot and calf muscles are pampered with relaxing stroking and tapping movements. After the foot massage your feet and legs will feel refreshed and light.

Thai Aromatic Oil Massage

Thai  Massage in Austria
Thai treatments for your health

Premium oils are enriched with pure, essential additives in various exotic scents. This mixture is then massaged into your skin with gentle strokes. The Aromatic Oil Massage combines skin care with deep relaxation and makes for a scented experience for all the senses.

Thai Back Massage

Special massage movements are applied to areas with tensed muscles. During the treatment you will immediately feel how tension and stiffness in the back is diminished, how the blood circulation is stimulated and a sense of wellbeing spreads through the body.

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