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Wellness in der Larimar Therme im Burgenland

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Relax at the thermal spa in Stegersbach

The exquisite Larimar well-being and sauna area extends over an area of 6,500m2 at the heart of the gently rolling hills of south Burgenland. This paradise of pleasure and relaxation offers health-boosting thermal waters in its indoor and outdoor pools which impress with various well-being attractions.

Well-being architecture

Enjoying holidays at thermal Hotel Larimar
Thermal spa at the Hotel Larimar

Located at the heart of the Larimar Hotel & Spa, the Larimar thermal spa blends in harmoniously with the overall concept in its wood design. A wide range of relaxation offers await in this re-energising and peaceful location. Even the architectural design with its harmonious forms, delicate colours and natural materials is a treat for the eyes. The result is an unrivalled ambience perfect for all-round comfort.

Stegersbach thermal spa waters: a treasure from deep inside the earth

The precious thermal spa waters are a gift of nature and spring from depths of up to 1,200 m inside the earth’s surface up into the pools at the Larimar thermal spa. Even going back thousands of years ago, this water was gathering beneath the earth and today is used to support health, beauty and holistic well-being with its healing powers.

Well-being adventures

Savour the soothing, healing waters of the Larimar thermal spa in the indoor and outdoor thermal pools (36°C). Massage jets and water jet benches relax you and eradicate everyday stress. The experience is rounded off with water fountains and soothing underwater music. Let the warmth transport you into a whole new world of well-being. A freshwater swimming pool with a counter-current device also invites you to swim some lengths.

Luxury of the Larimar Therm®

Larimar thermal spa

6,500 m2 Larimar thermal spa, daily from 7 am to 10 pm:

  1. Thermal indoor pool, approx. 36 ° C
  2. Thermal outdoor pool, approx. 36 ° C
  3. NEW: salt water outdoor pool with 0,9 % salinity, bubble bench and counter-current system (approx. 30°C)
  4. NEW: 20m infinity sports pool with freshwater, timekeeping for swimming and bubble bay to relax (approx. 28°C)
  5. NEW: 10m nude swimming pool in the new sauna panorama area (approx. 28°C)
  6. Swimming pool with counter-current systems, approx. 28-30 ° C
  7. Thermal massage pool at the sauna courtyard, approx. 36 ° C
  8. Sea water pool with 0.9 % salt, approx. 36 ° C
  9. Cold water grotto, approx. 20 ° C

Spacious relaxation areas

After bathing in the thermal spa waters, you can enjoy a paradise of recuperation over two floors. Pleasure recliners, cosy partner recliners and comfortable waterbeds are all on offer. The light and warmth of the relaxation rooms and two whisper rooms create a pleasant well-being ambience, perfect for dreaming and relaxing.

Over 200 resting places in the interior and over 200 resting places in the outdoor area

  1. Relaxation paradise on 2 levels: comfortable resting places around the thermal indoor pool
  2. Resting and partnering at the gallery of Larimar-Therme
  3. Crystal Energy room
  4. Whispering room with cuddle nests and water beds
  5. Whispering room with cuddle bunks
  6. Naked resting room in the Larimar sauna world
  7. Panorama resting room in the Larimar sauna world
  8. Generous outside area in Larimar garden paradise
  9. NEW: textile-free panorama terrace for "views without insights" in the Larimar Sauna World
  10. NEW: relaxation room "Garden View" in the Larimar Sauna World
  11. NEW: larger outdoor area in the 8,000 m² Larimar garden paradise
Relaxation room at Hotel Larimar Stegersbach
Relaxing & resting

South Burgenland receives 300 days of sunshine each year and therefore there are plenty of opportunities to explore the sunny green areas surrounding the Larimar thermal spa. The extensive garden area is characterised by its Mediterranean flair and a picturesque biotope with fish. And enjoy a refreshing drink from the pool bar to complete your relaxation beneath the open skies.

At the Larimar thermal spa, you can delve into a world of relaxation, harmony and well-being. Your well-being holiday in Stegersbach in Burgenland will start when you send a non-binding enquiry to the team at the 4-star superior Hotel & Spa Larimar!

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