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Top Packages

8-7-6 jubilee offer

8 days thermal wellness
7 nights sleeping in a superior room
6 nights paying

We give you one night for free!

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Wellness & Health


Desire for the holiday of your dreams? At Hotel & Spa Larimar****S no wishes remain unsettled. Immers into our holiday paradise.


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Salt for health! Discover the diverse health-promoting effects of salt: the airways feel free and pure, the skin looks smoother, the hair shines, you feel refreshed and energized.

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Summer Ayurveda 3 nights

Summer time is Pitta time ! Spark your digestion fire with summerlike light Ayurveda. Our Austrian Ayurveda specialists, the healthy Larimar cuisine and the unique salt saunas and sea water pool help you to detox your body and strengthen your energies!

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Shaolin Wellness


Feel calm and serenity and recharge your batteries. The package "Shaolin Wellness" gives you the experiece of powerful exercises like Taiji and Qi Gong and the traditional Shaolinmassage at Hotel & Spa Larimar.

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Girls days

Wellness with the best friend!

Relax by pleasant spa treatments, enjoy healthy and pleasurable dining and take time for conversations and activities in the well being atmosphere of the hotel Larimar. 

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Benefit weeks for frequent visitors


Our frequent guests are very important to us, therefore you enjoy from your 3rd stay at Larimar special benefits for a special price!

During the benefit weeks for frequent visitors, you benefit from the Larimar inclusive services and a various program with nice trips to the region of southern burgenland and the popular „Captain´s Dinner“ with accompanying wines. You get additional services at the Larimar Spa and a bonus in the Larimar shops on top.

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Summer Family Special

Fun with the whole family: Enjoy your summer holidays at Larimar.

Spend your perfect summer holiday with your whole family at Hotel & Spa Larimar and enjoy the luxury of two therms with 100 % swimming guarantee not depending on the weather.

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Friends Package

Spend relaxing days with your friends at Larimar and save up to 25%! The more friends you bring with you the cheaper the price.

Offer for 4 to 10 persons, with two, three or five nights!

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Thai "Zum Kennenlernen"


Get to know the far Eastern treatments and massages from Thailand and profit from the Larimar services. 

The traditional king massage and the relaxing back massage activate your energy and power to bring you into a condition of harmony.

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