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Vine Idyll South Burgenland

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Vine street of Southern Burgenland

Toskanian landscape in Southern Burgenland
Vine region of South Burgenland

Exceptional wine tasting in an exceptional landscape: The mild Pannonian climate and the rich soils in the southern Burgenland sprout special vines, the grapes are processed by the winemakers with great dedication, craftsmanship and sensitivity to very fine drops. Austria's smallest wine-growing region, the Weinidylle Südburgenland, is proud of its region-typical character. Therefore, quantity does not count here, but rather quality and uniqueness.

The Weinidylle Südburgenland stretches from Rechnitz in the north to the district of Jennersdorf in the south. While primordial soils predominate in the north around Rechnitz, further south mainly loam soils are found, some of which have a particularly high iron content. The wine-growing center is above all the historical Eisenberg together with the German-Schützener vineyard. Here are spicy red wines with a pronounced mineral component, especially from the grape Blaufränkisch. The white grapes (Welschriesling, Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Blanc) are cultivated on the one hand in the northern areas, on the other hand also in the south around Moschendorf. They are characterized by elegance, liveliness and fruity character. In one of the most scenic areas of Burgenland, the Csaterberg wine region, mainly fruity white wines are pressed, which can be tasted in the Vinothek with stone museum.

Pure and unadulterated: the Uhudler

A typical wine in Southern Burgenland: Uhudler
The Uhudler vine

The most traditional wine specialty of Southern Burgenland is the Uhudler, which basically owes its existence to phylloxera. At the end of the 19th / beginning of the 20th century, when this pest destroyed almost the entire grape harvest, it began importing resistant vines from America. The unrefined varieties were used as the basis for a special wine: the Uhudler was born. It is a dry, acidified, all-natural wine. In its appearance czarred to pale yellow, reminds the fragrance and taste of Uhudlers on berries or red currant. The Uhudlertrauben are also processed to other specialties, such as fruity juices, vinegars, fine jams, chocolates, sausages and cheese to cosmetics.

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Experience culinaric enjoyments of Larimar gourmet- and vital dishes and the precioust wine of south Burgenland.

The Burgenland is famous for it´s wide range of extraordinary good wines made by the gentle climate and special ground. Also the "Uhudler" a typical local speciality of wine benefits from this advantages.

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Stegersbach in south Burgenland is a dream destination for wine connoisseurs. Choose a relaxing thermal spa and pleasure break at the 4-star superior Hotel Larimar in sun-drenched Stegersbach and send us a non-binding enquiry now!

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