Thermal Spa Holiday in August

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Activity and relaxation

Sauna area at the Hotel & Spa Larimar in Stegersbach in Austria
Saunas at the Hotel & Spa Larimar

A thermal spa holiday at the Hotel & Spa Larimar in Stegersbach is not only a pleasure during the cold winter, but can also be especially enjoyable in summer. For example, spend summer days exploring the charming countryside in southern Burgenland and then relax in the Larimar Thermal Spa and sauna area into the evening. Additionally, from August until October you will have the exclusive opportunity to meet Shaolin monks from China and to benefit from their health knowledge and wisdom.

Outdoor activities

The numerous possibilities to be active in pure nature are especially tempting in summer. Wherever you go, the manifold landscape of south Burgenland will enchant you: Shady woods alternate with romantic vineyards and lush green meadows, in between you will discover wine tavernscalled Buschenschenken and lovely villages. For running, walking and hiking you will be pleased with the beautifully arranged, signposted routes in the Stegersbach Bewegungsarena (Movement Arena). If you want to go cycling you can also choose from a variety of bike trails. Those who are looking for a very special experience can go on the Larimar’s hot air balloon and get a bird’s eye view over the southern Austria. 

Rest and relaxation at the Larimar

After your activities you will look forward to the relaxation programme at the Hotel & Spa Larimar: Four different saunas as well as the heavenly Larimar Thermal Spa and the adjoining Stegersbach Family Thermal Spa await you. The extensive spa offer leaves nothing to be desired in terms of pampering treatments. In the evening you can experience the Larimar Thermal Spa steeped in special mood lighting. Swim outside and let your gaze wander across the starry sky while you relax in the warm thermal water: spa holidays in August can be so wonderful!

Shaolin wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

From August, you can meet some very special guests at the Larimar: Shaolin monks from China. During daily energy exercises, you will be able to feel how your energy blocks are gently removed and your sense of vitality increases as if by magic. A round of Tai Chi in the early morning, for example, will give you energy, peace and serenity for the new day. Concerning any health issues you may have, a TCM treatment might be just the right answer. Our TCM specialist, Dr. med. Karin Grün, will be happy to give you individual medical advice.

For any further questions regarding your holiday, the Larimar team is gladly at your disposal. Send us a no obligation enquiry and you will promptly receive an attractive offer for your summer holiday in Stegersbach, Austria.

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