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Wellness in January

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A Relaxed Start into the New Year

Winter holidays in Burgenland
Winter holidays in Burgenland

The Christmas tree has been taken out, the last Christmas cookies have been munched and New Year is over. Besides all the fabulous things that come with Christmas, these days are also often loaded with bustle and stress. Treat yourself to some time for yourself and take a relaxed start into the New Year. Outside the windows the snowflakes are dancing and it is terribly cold – now a wellness time-out in the thermal spa is just the right thing for body and soul.

Relaxation in the Thermal Bath & Spa Larimar

The Hotel Larimar in Stegersbach in Burgenland is a unique heaven of peace and comfort. Here you can experience the tranquillity and rest that one often so dearly needs. The exquisite ambience of the Larimar Thermal Spa makes it easy to switch off.

The thermal pools are filled with 35-36°C warm water which, due to its high mineral content, has a healing effect on the joints and the cardiovascular system. Various skin conditions also benefit from the soothing effects of the thermal water. Especially in winter, the cold outside temperatures and dry heated air means your skin deserves some extra care. In addition to bathing in the precious thermal water, you can let yourself be pampered with selected treatments in the Larimar Spa. We only use natural, highly effective cosmetic and skincare products from exclusive manufacturers, providing your skin with the best quality care and nourishment.

Rest and activities

In the cosy relaxation paradise, you can finally find the time to delve into the new book you have unwrapped at Christmas. And if you feel like doing some sport or outdoor activities, you can take a stroll through the wintry town of Stegersbach to clear your head. Get some exercise regardless of the weather in the hotel’s own fitness room or join in the Hatha Yoga classes taught by the Indian yoga masters.

Light Larimar Vitality Cuisine

Do you feel weighed down by rich and heavy meals that have been too abundantly served during the festive season? In the Larimar Restaurant, you will welcome the fresh, light alternatives. Enjoy healthy cuisine packed with natural energy and valuable nutrients. You can help yourself to these dishes without any regrets and your body will thank you.

Treat yourself to days of rest and recuperation at the beginning of the New Year. Holiday guests with high demands will appreciate the classy ambience and the excellent service at the Hotel & Spa Larimar located in south Burgenland, Austria. Come and see for yourself - send us your no obligation holiday enquiry today!

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