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Wine Culture in Burgenland

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Autumn time is wine time

Right at the time of the grape harvest, sociable and enjoyable festivals take place everywhere in South Burgenland. Wine festivals, tastings of new wine and winemakers’ cuisine will await you in the Kellerviertel (cellar quarters) and Buschenschenken (wine taverns) along the Weinstraße. The Hotel Larimar, as an excellent wine hotel in Burgenland, is your perfect starting point for your day trips to the Weinidylle Südburgenland.

Enjoy new wine (“Sturm”)

Matured after a long summer under Burgenland’s beneficial sun and processed to special drops, the new wine or Sturm is autumn’s main star. Hike through the vineyards and stop for a tasty snack in one of the taverns afterwards where specialties of Burgenland are served together with the new wine. The Southern climate does not only yield first-class wines, but also fruits with ripe taste from the fields, woods and gardens. Moulded into top quality autumnal creations to enjoy, you can relish these in the numerous rustic restaurants and also in the Hotel Larimar.

The Weinstrasse of South Burgenland

Like no other wine region in Austria, Burgenland offers a wide range of red and white wines. The Blaufränkisch is considered to be the leading variety among the red wines of the Weinidylle Südburgenland. Around 150 ha of vineyard acreage are reserved for it. Among the white wines it is the Welschriesling which is produced in its typical form in South Burgenland and widely known.

The Weinstraße itself stretches from the Rechnitzer Weingebirge in the North to the historic Eisenberg and to Heiligenbrunn and Güssing in the South.

Visit the Kellerviertel Heiligenbrunn, the home of the Uhudler wine. 108 landmarked wine cellars, partly still with the typical thatched roofs, allow you to catch a glimpse of past times.

The Walk of Wine

A short panorama path running past the hotels of Stegersbach presents 26 of the Weinidylle’s best winemakers. Mini vineyards invite you to learn about the different grape varieties and the single wineries.

European Knighthood of the Wine

As a first-class wine hotel, the Larimar is one of only few hotels that were awarded the Domizilschild of the European Knighthood of the Wine. The Larimar Vinothek with its extensive selection and the outstanding service through sommeliers accounts for the high status of wine culture at the Larimar.

Enjoyable drops with a special effect are the Larimar wines that were energised with Larimar stones. They are available exclusively in your spa hotel.

Look forward to an autumn holiday devoted to great wines in the four star superior hotel Larimar in Stegersbach. You no obligation enquiry will be answered promptly!

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