Gesichts-Behandlung im Larimar Premium-Spa

Wellbeing and youthful

Larimar anti aging during your wellness holidays

Innovative methods and exclusive products for a youthful look: the dream of being ageless is as old as the humanity itself.

Im Wannenbad entspannen im Hotel Larimar
Behandlung mit dem heilenden Larimarstein

Fountain of youth for your body and soul

With healthy and vital nutrition, sports and good sleep you can slow your biological clock.

In the Larimar hotel you will find all of that: constitutional thermal water, creative gourmet kitchen, daily active and wellness program and a healthy indoor climate in the rooms build the basics for effective treatments. Highly effective anti aging treatments support you to look younger during your wellness holiday. Relax in snugly atmosphere and enjoy your rejuvenating cure.

Thermenwelt-Innenpool im Burgenland im Hotel Larimar

Look years younger with Meso Bio Facelifting

This innovative treatment transfers highly active biomolecules into the skin. Already the first treatment regenerates the skin. For a noticeable effect the Larimar beauty experts recommend three to five treatments.

Thermal-, Meerwasser-Außenpool
Die Kraft der Elemente spüren im Hotel Larimar

Anti Aging Cosmetics

Special treatments, which are edited to the needs of your skin, give a fresh and youthful look. Exclusive products with highly effective ingredients regenerate the skin for the best rejuvenation effect. At the Larimar Spa unique effectually methods will inspire you.

Beauty-Gesichtsbehandlung im Hotel Larimar
Lebensenergie tanken mit Detox im Hotel Larimar

Detox days 3 nights

29.05.2023 to 10.08.2023

15.08.2023 to 12.10.2023

15.10.2023 to 19.10.2023

22.10.2023 to 25.10.2023

05.11.2023 to 09.11.2023

12.11.2023 to 16.11.2023

19.11.2023 to 23.11.2023

26.11.2023 to 30.11.2023

03.12.2023 to 07.12.2023

10.12.2023 to 14.12.2023

17.12.2023 to 21.12.2023

Weight loss, health and vitality by detoxification! With Detoxing you…

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