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Spa hotel Larimar in the Burgenland: holistic treatments with experts

Larimar Premium Spa with unique offers

Special forms of treatment, an extensive medical care and an exclusive thermal bath area that invites you to relax combine in the Larimar to create a very special wellness package. For a first-class health retreat in Austria.

The whole hotel Larimar is catered for your holistic well-being, from the architecture to the treatments: in the newly designed, exclusive Premium spa a competent team of doctors, psychologists, therapists, trainers and beauticians take care of your wellbeing.

Do something good for body and soul: In addition to the classic therapies and medical applications, the offer includes TCM from China, Ayurveda from India, Thai treatments from Thailand, Lomi Lomi Nui from Hawaii and the Larimar Stone Massage from the Caribbean.

Luxury spa hotel in the Burgenland

Experience a well deserved relaxation and recreation in the Larimar thermal spa in Stegersbach, Austria.

The healing thermal water and the alkaline sea water offer you the best conditions to profit from treatments. An extensive, professionally supervised range of treatments supports your health and wellbeing in the long term.

A wellness and health retreat in the Larimar in the Burgenland offers the ideal conditions for effective health and beauty treatments, whether it is a short trip or an extended wellness vacation. The water that stimulates the blood flow, the vital and balanced food selection, enough exercise as well as the unique feeling of security contribute to this.

The unique vitality check, the analysis of the heart rate, uncovers your personal energy potential and your biological age. Based on your individual results, our Larimar health experts will work with you to create a special treatment program.

Ways to a better health and more life energy

You can find proven treatment methods from all around the world that are perfectly coordinated to help you on your way to even more life energy.
Disorders in the endogenous energy flow will be softly cleared to increase your wellbeing.You will also learn to mobilize your energy reserves and draw from them – for more vitality in your daily routine.

Following offers await you in the Larimar Spa in Stegersbach:

  • Ayurveda
  • TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Thai treatments
  • Energetic treatments
  • Massages
  • Physical treatments
  • Kinesiology
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Ayurveda with the Indian masters

Experience authentic Ayurveda with specialists from India and unique massages and treatments as well as Hatha yoga with our Indian Yogi.

The Ayurveda team with the Indian masters is available all year round in the hotel Larimar. This way you can enjoy beneficial Ayurveda treatments on your wellness holiday. Take advantage of this special opportunity to learn from the masters.

Choose from the most popular treatments

You can enjoy over 150 different treatements from all over the world in our Larimar Premium Spa.
With so many options to choose from, the decision can be difficult. Therefore, we have summarized the most popular treatments for you here:

Full body massage
The classic massage for body and soul is soothing and relaxing. The muscle and tissue functions are stimulated and the blood circulation promoted.

Dorn Breuss treatment
Restrictions in the spine, malpositions and blockades can be gently treated by combining a breuss massage with the Dorn method. Tensions along the spine and pelvis are relaxed and relieved with movements of arms and legs as well as a gentle pressure.

Back massage
With the classic massage technique the whole back area, neck and head base is treated. Tensions are released and pain is alleviated.

Combination massage
A back massage with a following foot reflexology as a perfect addition.

Crystal energy massage
The harmonizing full body massage brings deep relaxation and a feeling of circulating warmth. The energy channels (meridians) are activated with berg crystals, the Larimar stone, the selenite crystall ball and energy balancing oils. The resolving from mental and body blockades are animated and muscles and tenions are loosened.

The anti stress massage causes a deep relaxation. The slow and tender stroking movements are a wonderful opportunity for the whole body to relax and let go. Essential oils soothe and energies are brought back in unison.

ABHYANGA: Ayurvedic massages
The abhyanga is considered the queen of Ayurvedic massages in India. The whole body is encased in a special warm oil. The massage harmonizes the body energies, calms the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the lymph flow, cleans and nourishes the skin and the tissue.

Thai relax massage
The massage relieves muscle tension and adhesions in the fascia with fine oils. The agility of the joints is funded and the blood, lymph and energy flow is animated. Based on the thai yoga massage and the thai aroma oil massage produces holistic well-being for body and mind.

Comfort facial treatment including neck and décolleté
Purification, peeling, steam, cleansing of the skin, shaping of the brows and relaxing skin massage. A highly effective ampoule and a firmink mask provide your skin with lasting moisture. The pampering final care is tailored to your skin type.

SCULPT ZONE – cellulite adé!
Intensive treatment in the area of stomach, legs and backside to reduce excessive fat and cellulite in record time. A selfwarming shaping wrap lets fat deposits „melt“. Including firming peeling with oligomer, sea salt crystals and minerals.

Our Larimar Spa Team will be happy to advise you by phone
+43 (0) 3326/55 100 930 or by email

Healthy and beautiful

Let yourself be pampered with beauty treatments that enhance your natural beauty. One focus of the Larimar Premium Spa is anti aging with the meso method, a highly effective organic facelift that rejuvenatees you by years, as well as microdermabrasion:

  • Beauty treatments from head to toe.
  • Firming and revitalizing full body treatments
  • Spa suites for romantic and pampering hours

Soothing Relaxation
at the sauna area