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The health of the gut is the most important component in a well-working immune system, which is subsequently essential for the general well-being as well as a strong physical and mental health.

The Hotel Larimar offers an extraordinary combination of F.X. Mayr and Ayurveda in Austria with specialists from India – a combination that is unique in Europe.
The synergy of these two forms of treatment represents the ideal concept for a healthy digestive tract and a holistic detoxification of the human body, strengthening and supporting the body’s defences.

During a F.X. Mayr cure in the Hotel Larimar, the programme is individually tailored to you. You will be looked after and accompanied by a spa doctor and a trained staff right from the start.

What makes a health retreat in the Hotel Larimar so unique? The cleansing retreat programme of the F.X. Mayr cure in combination with specific Ayurveda treatments – for well-being inside and out.

Verdauung fördern mit Detox
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Your F.X. Mayr cure in Austria with medical care

„Health begins in the gut“. A widespread and well-known saying that is of great importance even today. Maybe more important than ever. In the hectic everyday life – accompanied by constant stress – it is often difficult to eat healthily and consciously. We eat too fast, too much, too often and at the wrong time. This overloads the gastrointestinal tract and disrupts the digestive progress.

The consequences: irritable colon syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence and much more. Such symptoms should be taken seriously – after all, chronic digestive damage can harm the whole body and make you sick in the long run.

Entschlacken und Abnehmen im Larimar

The 4 principles of the F.X. Mayr cure

In the course of a F.X. Mayr cure, the gastrointestinal system revitalizes and rejuvenates itself to such an extent that it can completely digest and reabsorb wholesome food with all its valuable components. All important nutrients from food can be absorbed and used by the body.

The F.X. Mayr method is based on four principles:

  • rest for the gut with mild diet and fasting
  • bowel cleanse with water, laxative salts, and treatments
  • training of healthy eating habits
  • supply of necessary vital substances and nutrients as supplementation

Different diet forms tailored to your needs

These four principles are also reflected in the four different diet forms that make up the fasting programme of the F.X. Mayr cure at the Hotel Larimar. Before you start with your cure, the program is ideally tailored to your current state of health and needs during the initial medical examination – after all you should feel comfortable during your stay from the first day onwards.

In most cases, the cure starts with a more intense form of fasting. The diet forms then increase steadily and end with a diet with high-quality food that is gentle for the digestion. The programme is accompanied by an extensive chewing training, since a correct and slow chewing is very important for the ideal preparation of the food and a pleasant feeling of satiety.

Combination of F.X. Mayr medicine with Ayurvedic treatments

In the Larimar, the fasting programme of the F.X. Mayr cure is not only supplemented with a first class wellness offer. Ayurveda treatments with Indian specialists also ensure a special kind of feel good factor. In addition to the fasting programme, Abhyanga (whole body oil massage) and Kizhi (herbal stamp massage) massages ensure a particularly successful treatment. This combination is unique and strengthens and purges the body not only from the inside, but with the help of Ayurveda also from the outside. In this way, you can also restore the gut health effectively and sustainably.

Are you interested in taking a cure at the Hotel Larimar? Contact us now, we look forward to welcoming you at our spa hotel and health resort!

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