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Health vacation at Larimar: holistic treatments with experts

New Premium Spa & unique offerings: Therapies and treatments during your vacation

The whole Hotel Larimar is geared towards your holistic well-being, from the structure to our massage treatment options. In the newly designed, elegant Larimar Premium Spa a competent team of experts from doctors, psychologists, therapists and beauticians take care of you.
In addition to the classic therapies and medical treatments our offer includes TCM from China, Ayurveda from India, Thai treatments from Thailand, Lomi Lomi Nui from Hawaii and the Larimar Stone massage from the Carribbean.

Customized treatments

Treatments for your individual needs

Either you stay for a short trip or an extended holiday, a vacation at our Larimar Spa in the Burgenland offers the ideal conditions for effective health and beauty treatments. The circulation boosting thermal water, the healthful and balanced meals, sufficient exercises as well as the unique comforting atmosphere contribute to this.

The special vitality checks, a heart rate analysis, makes your personal energy potential visible and your biological age measurable. On basis of your personal result our health experts work with you to develop a tailor made treatment program.

Well-deserved relaxation

Energetic hotel of a special kind

Experience a well-deserved relaxation and recreation at the Larimar thermal spa hotel in Stegersbach. The healing thermal water and alkaline sea water offers the best conditions to benefit from treatments. A broad, professionally assisted range of treatments aids your health and well being sustainably.

Beauty treatments

Health, vitality and beauty

Bring your newly discovered life energy to shine with pampering treatments which will enhance your natural beauty. One of the focal points in our Larimar Spa is anti aging using the meso method, a very effective organic-Facelift, which rejuvenates you by years, as well as microdermabrasion. You can also enjoy:

  • Beauty treatments from head to toe
  • firming and vitalizing whole body treatments
  • spa suites for romantic and pampering hours for two
Treatments from around the world

More health and life-energy

In our Larimar Spa you will find proven treatment methods from all around the world which are carefully coordinated to accompany you on your way to even more life energy. Disturbances in your body‘s energy flow will be gently removed to increase your physical comfort. You will also learn how to mobilize your energy reserves and draw strength from it.

  • Ayurveda
  • TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine )
  • Thai treatments
  • Massages
  • Physical treatments
  • Kinesiology
Tip: Ayurveda with specialits from India

Wellness with the masters of the oldest art of healing

Experience our Ayurveda specialists from india with unique massages and treatments as well as hatha yoga with our indian yogi. Our Ayurveda team with masters from India is available all year round.

Benefit from this special chance to learn from the masters of the oldest art of healing.

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