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Thermal spa in the Burgenland, Austria

Relaxing in the thermal spa hotel in Austria

The unique thermal hotel Larimar in Stegersbach invites you to enjoy and relax in an incomparable comfort-atmosphere.

Softly imbedded in the picturesque landscape of the thermal region of the southern Burgenland, the exquisite wellness and sauna area of the hotel in Stegersbach invites you to relax and slow down. 6.500 m2 full of pleasure and recreation promise an extraordinaire wellness vacation in Austria.

Your paradise for relaxation and enjoyment welcomes you with valuable and wholesome thermal water from the depths of the earth of the Burgenland and alkaline sea water as well as pleasantly tempered fresh water in 8 different indoor- and outdoor pools. Dive into the thermal paradise of the Larimar – who seeks recreation will find it here.

Larimar Therme innen
Auszeit in der Thermen- und Saunalandschaft

Feel good architecture and thermal baths

The harmonious, nature-loving architecture that characterizes the Larimar lives on in the thermal area. Natural wood, soft forms and elegant design combine to a unique atmosphere of comfort and serenity. Recharge your life energy and draw new strengths for everyday life in our thermal hotel in Stegersbach, Austria:

  • 6.500 m² thermal-, water- and sauna world
  • 8 Pools with thermal water, alkaline sea water and fresh water
  • 7 saunas in the sauna- and panoramic area
  • a unique crystal-energy-room
  • a lot of luxurious quiet areas
  • around 220 indoor relaxation loungers
  • around 220 outdoor sun beds

8 Pools for relaxation and feel-good experiences

Enjoy the healthful thermal water in the Larimar in Stegersbach, one of the most beautiful and exclusive wellness hotels in Austria. In the thermal bath with its water and sauna world, you will find 3 thermal water pools, 2 alkaline sea water pools as well as 3 freshwater pools.

Massage jets and jacuzzi banks softly loosen your musculature and together with water fountains and unwinding underwater music, this will free you from the everyday stress in an instant.

  1. thermal indoor pool with massage jets and underwater music, approx. 36°C
  2. thermal outdoor pool with massage jets, jacuzzi bench, water fountains, floor jets and underwater music, approx. 36°C
  3. seawater outdoor pool with alkaline sea water, 0,9 % salinity, massage jets and countercurrent system, approx. 32°C
  4. 20 m infinity sport pool with freshwater, jacuzzi bench for relaxing, approx. 28°C
  5. 10 m nude pool in the new sauna-panoramic court, approx. 28°C
  6. thermal massage pool in the sauna courtyard, approx. 36°C
  7. sea water pool in the sauna area with alkaline sea water, physiological curative water, 0,9% salinity (36°C)
  8. cold water grotto in the sauna world, approx. 20°C

Soothing thermal water in Stegersbach, Austria

Mineral thermal water: healing power from the earth for your wellbeing.

As a special present from nature, the valuable mineral thermal water for the thermal bath comes from a depth of 1.200 meters to the surface of the earth. Made up of numerous health-promoting ingredients, the water can support your health, beauty, and overall wellbeing in one of the most beautiful wellness hotels in Austria.

The Larimar thermal spring in Stegersbach, „Thermal II“, is a sodium hydrogen carbonate mineral thermal spring.

Health-promoting effects of the thermal water

Areas of application/treatment indications for the mineral thermal water:
  • chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system (joints, spine, muscles)
  • post-traumatic damage on the locomotor system
  • paralyzes of various origins
  • neurovegetative regulation disorders
  • functional cardiovascular diseases
  • neuralgia
  • afflictions of age
Further health indications due to additional treatment options:
  • burnout
  • anxiety disorder
  • tinnitus-treatments

Alkaline seawater

The water in the Larimar seawater pools does not only create the feeling of being at the ocean but can also help your health.

Due to a pH value of over 8, the water in the seawater pool is alkaline and can therefore trigger an osmotic process. It can help to detoxify the body and can have a positive effect on skin and hair too.

8 luxury areas of relaxation in the thermal spa in Austria

In the Larimar thermal-, water- and sauna world, you will find a paradise for relaxation and regeneration. Enjoy comfortable beds, cozy partner loungers, comfy waterbeds, and bunks to cuddle. Lots of light and warmth creates a pleasant atmosphere in the whisper relaxing areas and invites you to dream and relax.
  • a quiet paradise on two levels, with comfortable loungers and partner beds in the Larimar thermal bath
  • whisper relaxing room „Morning sun“ with bunks to cuddle
  • whisper relaxing room „Evening sun“ with cozy nests and water beds
  • crystal energy room with water beds and berg crystals from the Himalaya
  • panoramic-quiet room with single- and partner beds and a sun terrace in the sauna world
  • nude room in the sauna world
  • communication area with tea bar in the thermal- and sauna world
  • quiet room „Garden view“ in the sauna world
  • nude panoramic terrace for sheltered sunbathing in the sauna area of the hotel

The 8.000 m2 big Larimar garden paradise with new koi pond, activity parcours, a little beach, Kneipp basin, herbal garden, fruit garden to nibble and a mediterranean well from southern France offers numerous niches and retreat options for rest and relaxation.

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