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Crystal energy room in the Hotel Larimar

„Healing“ energies in the crystal energy room

A stay in our crystal energy room in our Larimar thermal bath helps you to relax and contributes to your overall well-being and regeneration. The cell renewal and the self-regulating forces are stimulated.

Step into an oasis full of positive energy and a place of calm that helps you to refill your energy reserves. Here you can deeply relax and recharge your batteries.

The crystal energy room forms the heart chakra of the spa hotel larimar and is directly next to the thermal-indoor pool. The human chakras also are reflected in the Hotel Larimar.

The meaning of the berg crystal

The ancient Romans thought, that the berg crystal is the home of the gods. He should give them wisdom, courage and loyalty in love.

Indians used the berg crystal in the newborns cradle to protect them from evil. The Buddhists were hoping to gain complete enlightenment while meditating.

It has a calming, cleaning and “healing” effect on the veins and the blood vessels. It also possesses a stabilizing effect on the bloodstream. The stone can also help with headaches, limb pain, back pain, menstrual cramps and problems with the intervertrebal discs. Earth rays and water jets are bundled by the berg crystal into positive energy. He can purify mind and soul and helps to loosen energy blockades.

The berg crystal and the larimar stone have a positive effect on people and environment. A visit in the crystal energy room completes your heath stay in the thermal- and spa hotel Larimar.

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