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Hotel Larimar – your health resort in the Burgenland, Austria

Health hotel and medical spa with experts in Austria

Health in focus: During a stay in the wellness- and health hotel Larimar in Stegersbach, you can unwind, relax, and let go to take measures for better health and more wellbeing.

In the calm and harmonic atmosphere of the Larimar thermal spa in Austria, you find the best conditions to put your health first and to regenerate on a holistic level. During your health- and wellness vacation the Burgenland, a big team of specialized doctors and therapists advise and support you to take the necessary measures for your health.

Feel well cared for in the hands of the specialists and at the same time enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the thermal baths.

Medical care in the health & spa resort

Two general practitioners, a psychologist and psychotherapist, F.X.-Mayr doctors as well as an Ayurveda-Vaidya are there for you and your health. The Larimar doctors are also specialists in the area of natural- and holistic medicine.

The costs for medical examinations or acupuncture treatments will be partially reimbursed by your health insurance company.

Tip: prescribed cures by a doctor are tax deductible!

Treatments in the health resort in the Burgenland, Austria

Supervised by doctors and health experts, the diverse and carefully coordinated range of treatments help guests to achieve more wellbeing, vitality, and life energy.

The health options in our resort are made up of the following main topics:

  • treatments for spine, back and joints
  • stress reduction and burnout cures
  • lifestyle advice for a positive mental and emotional life direction
  • effective help with sleep disorders
  • healthy diet with increase in life energy
  • detoxification and immune building
  • cardiovascular training and fitness building
  • treatment of tinnitus

Vitality check, burnout- & sleep check and coachings

Through a cardiac frequency analysis your performance potential and regenerative capacity becomes visible. The vitality check helps to feel out sleep problems and recognize burnout early. If you would like to book the vitality check, please let us know at least seven days before your arrival.

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