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Detoxify and purify in the Larimar wellness hotel

Detox cure

In addition to constant stress, a lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet, artificial food additives and a progressively environmental pollution are increasingly damaging our health.

The consequences are deposits of toxins such as heavy metals or pesticides in the body, which can weaken the entire organism. Weight gain, a feeling of fullness, indigestion, chronic fatigue, skin and stomach problems, difficulty sleeping or a feeling of discomfort become more common.

Studies of the world health organization show, that already around 25% of all diseases and deaths are due to food and environmental toxins.

„The daily physical detoxification and a healthy lifestyle have become more and more important in the fight against the exploding diseases of civilization, such as a insidious perfomance loss, cardiovascular problems, burnout, diabetes and cancer“, explains the Detox-doctor Ilse Triebnig. The body gains new energy and a lot of people report a new and relieved life and physical feeling.

5 different methods for a detoxication

With a special alkaline-balanced diet, purging treatments and the volcanic-mineral Zeolith the unique Larimar concept includes 5 different detox-methods:

  1. Detox cure with PMA-Zeolite
  2. Base fasting with medical care
  3. Therapeutic fasting with professional accompaniment
  4. Ayurveda detox with an indian health team
  5. FX Mayr cures

Purification and detoxification of the body

Treat yourself to a healthy break for your body with a detox cure!

Next to an alkaline diet and special treatments, the natural detoxifying agent, the PMA zeolite, is used to support the detoxification. The natural mineral binds toxins in the body and excretes them through the digestive tract. As a result the zeolite has a detoxifying and revitalizing effect.

Effect to the detox cure:

  • boosts the metabolism
  • cleanses the detoxification organs liver, kidneys, skin
  • helps to reduce body weight and clarify the complexion
  • strenghtens the immune system
  • gives new energy for work and everyday life
  • improves mood swings and fatigue
  • can lead to new beauty, a fresh and healthy complexion and bring new charisma

Cleaning from the inside

Detoxing describes the cleansing of the body from the inside through a special form of nutrition in combination with selected treatments.

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It is easy to implement in your daily life without the hassle of counting calories. Because of the shortened food intake (8 hours) you will eat more conscious and less and while during fasting (16 hours) the stomach remains inactive and the body can devote itself to cell cleaning. 

  • 7 nights with the Larimar Inclusive Services with an alkaline breakfast, lunch and special soup in the evening
  • 1 medical examination 
  • 1 abdominal massage 25 minutes
  • 1 foot reflexology 25 minutes
  • 1 Ayurveda Abhyanga (whole body oil massage) 50 minutes
  • Epsom salt
  • Thermal and brine baths, saunas and swimming
  • daily Hatha-Yoga with the indian yogi
  • Sensintive and intensvie fasting accompaniment by Mag. Tabitha Gütler
  • Nutrition training
  • Relaxation in our crystal-energy-room
  • Daily impulses for a healthy lifestyle
  • Daily nordic walking 
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