F.X. Mayr mit Ayurveda - Abhyanga Bauchmassage

F.X. Mayr cure with ayurveda 7 nights

F.X. Mayr cure with ayurveda 7 nights

F.X.Mayr cure with Ayurveda under the medical lead of dr. Sepp Fegerl (30 years experience as leading F.X.Mayr doctor)

The combination of F.X. Mayr with ayurveda is uniqa and delivers a special treatment success.

  • 7 nights with Larimar Inclusive Services 
  • 1 initial medical examination and course admission
  • special individual diet after F.X.Mayr
  • 1 bioimpedance measurement ( analysis of muscle, water and fat levels in the body)
  • 3 medical abdominal treatments
  • 1  F.X. Mayr presentation
  • 1 Oligo Scan cell check of minerals and heavy metals
  • 2 Abhyanga (full body oil massage) with indian therapeuts
  • 1 Kizhi herbal stamp massage with indian therapeuts
  • 1 Padabhyanga with indian therapeuts
  • daily liver wraps in the room
  • daily active & relaxation program according to weekly schedule
  • daily Kneipping (legs, arms)
  • Base broth, daily herbal teas and Epsom salt
  • 1 final doctor examination with a strategy for daily life

The F.X.Mayr cure can also be booked for 14 nights

Appointments 2023:
24.09. – 08.10.2023 with Dr. Karin Grün
05.11. – 19.11.2023 with Dr. Michael Bäck

Included services

  • Larimar culinary with vitality breakfast buffet, lunch vitality buffet, sweet afternoon at the hotel bar and 6-course dinner menu (fish, meat or vegan) with a large dessert buffet
  • 6,500 m² Larimar-Therme, sauna world and panoramic area with 8 pools, 7 saunas and 8 relaxation areas
  • 1 glas Larimar sparkling wine
  • Larimar bath bag with bathrobe, bath towel, sauna towel and bath slippers for the duration of your stay
  • Wellness and active program from the weekly plan

Additional services

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Travel periods

03.03.2024 to 17.03.2024

21.04.2024 to 05.05.2024

09.06.2024 to 23.06.2024

29.09.2024 to 13.10.2024

17.11.2024 to 01.12.2024

Duration of stay

at least 7 Nights

Larimar Suite

from € 2755

Panorama suite

from € 2524

Romantic suite

from € 2489

Double room “Panorama”

from € 2300

Double room “Thermenetage”

from € 2335

Double room garden

from € 2335

Double room “west”

from € 2300

Grand Lit single room

from € 2412

Indicated prices in EUR per person and stay.
Extra charge depending on room category. Including VAT, plus local tax.

Desire for more?

Suprise your loved one with special Larimar extras in your room,
the Larimar Team will be happy to help you.



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