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Sauna area in the Hotel Larimar

Warmth and relaxation in the Larimar sauna world

Comfortably warm areas are waiting for you in the Larimar sauna world. You can choose and combine as you like according to your individual preferences between seven different saunas. The exclusive sauna area in the Larimar with 7 different saunas are a highlight during your wellness vacation in the Burgenland, Austria.

In the Larimar sauna world you sweat in the classic Finnish sauna at around 80-85°C and low humidity, while gentle warmth and a delicate scent of herbs combine at 60°C in the organic herbal sauna. The herbal steam bath pampers you with around 45 °C moist heat, which is especially good for skin and bronchia.

Winter or summer: To regularly spend time in a sauna warms the temper, improves the immune system and lets you relax.

Exclusive salt sauna in the Hotel Larimar

The unique sauna world awaits you in the thermal spa in Austria in the southern Burgenland with many different specials, which provide deceleration and well-being in a cozy atmosphere. Guests who want to enjoy deep warmth should try out our infrared cabin. Thanks to the lower temperatures of around 40°C, you can linger longer and find complete relaxation.

In the unique panorama sauna awaits you a view of into the beautiful nature landscape. Furnished with old, sunburned wood from the Tyrolean mountains, salt stones from the Himalaya and benches from poplar wood you can sweat at around 75°C.

Water in the sauna world

Relax in the thermal massage pool and wind down in the alkaline sea water pool.

In the 36 degree warm thermal water you can relax in the sauna courtyard. The alkaline sea water pool with 0,9% salinity and a blue salt stone wall from the Himalaya invites you with 36°C warm salt water in the Larimar sauna world. After the sauna session the 20°C cold water grotto is available to cool off.

The entire Larimar sauna world is a nude area.

Exclusive hotel with an exclusive sauna area

The Larimar saunaworld (from 16 years) has grown again and offers even more for your health and well-being.
Different sauna offers make your visit a unique sauna experience.
Sauna area

Saunas and more

  • Finnish sauna (around 85°C) with light therapy and individual colours
  • Panoramic sauna with view of Stegersbach (75 to 80°C)
  • Organic-Herbal sauna (around 60°C)
  • Infrared-salt grotto with salt stones from the himalaya (around 40°c)
  • Brine-steam bath with rose quartz (around 45°C)
  • Herbal-steam bath (around 45°C)
  • Infrared sauna with light bath (around 40°C)
  • New: Nude-pool with jacuzzi bench in the sauna world (around 28 °C)
  • New: Sauna-panoramic court with rocking lounger in the sauna world
  • New: Nude panoramic patio in the sauna world
  • New: Quiet room „garden view“ in the sauna world
Salt for the health

The health promoting effect of salt

In the Larimar Therme Stegersbach you can breathe healthy sea air through the blue salt stone wall from the Himalaya by the sea water pool ( approx.36°c, 0,9% salinity). The infrared salt grotto with Himalaya salt stones (approx 40°C) and the brine steam bath with rose quartz stones (approx 45°C) have a health promoting effect for the respiratory tract (like for asthma, bronchitis, cough, etc.), for the frontal and sinus cavities, for the skin (eg. for skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis) and are helpful for allergies and to purify the body.

Cool down

Strenghten your immune system

After your visit to the sauna a healthy cool down is the optimal addition. Enjoy our cold water grotto (around 20°C) or choose the ice fountain in the Kneipp ice room. Ice crystals and Kneipp-foot basins refresh you next to a drinking fountain from Italy. Adventure showers in snail form pleasantly sprinkle you with water in a wide variety of variations. Adolescents from 16 years have access to our Larimar saunaworld and the panorama area.

Relaxation room

Room for rest and relaxation

For your relaxation you find inviting quiet rooms and areas in the Larimar sauna world. Relax in romantic bunks to cuddle, water beds in the panorama quiet room, comfortable sun beds in the nude room as well as on the new nude panoramic terrace with 100% privacy. Relax in our new relax room „garden view“, on rocking loungers in the new sauna-panorama court and in a cosy feel good atmosphere in the sauna courtyard. Take a break from every day life on our comfy rocking loungers, while enjoying the view into the softly rolling landscape.


Nude-bathing and panoramic terrace

Feel the warm sunbeams on the naked skin. The 10 meter nude-pool offers the perfect opportunity for a completely liberated swimming experience. A hot tub with hydromassages invites you to relax. Rocking loungers and sunbeds complete the exklusive ambience in the sauna panorama court. The nude panoramic terrace makes a pure sun enjoyment with a breathtaking view over the landscape of the southern Burgenland possible.
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