Sonnenaufgang am Koiteich im Larimar Gartenparadies

Enjoy the sun in our 
Garden paradise

What do you long for?

Recharge your batteries
in the idyllic garden

The Larimar garden paradise

Lush planting and a range of niches offer you wonderful retreat options in the Larimar Garden paradise. A special place is our idyllic koi pond and the panorama well place, in its center you find a fountain from the Provence. Here you can find inner peace and balance.

With over 300 sun days per year the South Burgenland invites you to enjoy nature to the fullest. The spacious garden paradise impresses with its Mediterranean flair. A lot of plants, herbs and alcoves offer room for calm and relaxation. A refreshment from the poolbar rounds off your time in the open air.

Yoga-Spirit, Energie im Larimar
Schaukelliegen vor dem mediterranen Brunnen

Highlights in the Larimar garden paradise

In the groomed larimar garden paradise on around 8.000m2 a vast number of plants and scented bushes invite you especially in spring, summer and autumn to relax.
  • New: Larimar beach, litte sand beach with comfy sun beds and palms
  • New: Koi pond with 20 different kois and romantic reclining platforms for relaxation and meditating, special planting, buddha and energy sitting stones from the Mediterranean
  • New: Active zone with foot course
  • New: Kneipp route with water treading basin (cold/warm)
  • Cozy niches and retreats with fantastic panorama for rest and relaxation
  • Benches and loungers for sunbathing
  • Fruit garden: enjoy raspberries, blackberries, currants, and much more
  • Wine garden with grape vines of Uhudler, Zweigelt and Welschriesling as well as a „Uhudler-wine route“
  • A cutting of the oldest grape vine of the world „Stara Trta“, from Maribor in Slovenia – was planted in the Larimar courtyard.
  • Valley of the scents: amber bush, sweetwilliam, common violet, garden jasmin and many more.
  • Healing herbs garden with over 70 different medicinal herbs like ysop, mint, amber, edelweiss, arnica, common centaury, evening primrose, valerian, rue, thyme, wild sunflower, coneflower, mullein, lady’s mantle, sage, ambrosia, lavender cotton, woodruff, camphor wormwood and many more.
  • Panorama-well square: round court with extension of the central axis of the Hotel with a mediterranean limestone fountain of the Provence, wine grapes, hornbeam, lavender and many more.
  • Earth star stone as an energetic end of the hotel, an ideal place to ground and meditate
  • Comfortable rocking loungers with a panoramic view of the southern Burgenland

New: Koi pond

The new koi nature pond invites you to listen to the gentle splash of the water and to get a clear head. Especially beautiful and colourful kois from a specific breeding from japan, like the Tancho Kohaku, the Fish with the japanese flag on the head, can be seen in the new Larimar koi pond - a wonderful and soothing play.

Around the new koi poind romantic reclining podests and a special planting with bambus and Japanese cherry trees invite you to relax. The new big boardwalk is ideal for the daily yoga in the morning and to meditate.

New: Active zone with foot parcours

A real treat for the feet, the back and the joints is the new foot parcours in the garden. With its many stations, balancing stretches and the special “wobble path” you can strengthen the muscles and the coordination.

The new foot parcours is an exciting and stimulating experience for everyone. On 12 stations in total especially the foot- and calves muscles will be strengthened. This group of muscles is a weak spot in nearly every human. Ideally, the muscles are first loosened in the warm thermal water, then strengthened on the foot course and relaxed in the wonderful quiet zones in the new garden paradise.

Panorama square with mediterranean fountains

A very special place in the Larimar garden paradise is the new round panorama square on the south end of the hotel area.

In the center you will find a mediterranen limestone fountain from the Provence.
Around the fountain rich flora with a lot of herbs and medicinal plants as well as 3 energy sitting stones are inviting you to stay and meditate.

At the energetic end of the hotel you find the exquisite „Earth star stone“ in the garden paradise. Here you can recharge your batteries the easiest and find your inner calm and balance.

Valley of fragrances for the senses

The Larimar garden paradise is home to a large variety of plants that not only enchant the eyes and nose with their colorful appearance and wonderful fragrances. They also have a big healing effect. Passing johanis bush and sweet cloves, scented violets and garden jasmine accompany you down a stone staircase to the „Valley of Scents“, where a wide variety of medicinal herbs are waiting to be explored. Plants like common centaury (helpful with fever, infections and exhaustion), vermouth ( for digestion), ysop (appetizing and anti-inflammatory), different kinds of mint and melissas and a lot more are stretching towards the sun. Here you also find chocolate mint, strawberry mint, Carinthian mint and lemon mint, which give off their wonderful scent.

Medicinal herb garden

Thousands of years ago people already knew how to use herbs not only as food, but also to treat diseases, relieve pain and heal wounds.

After indigenous medicinal herbs were somewhat forgotten, they are now moving back into our awareness. The healing powers of this little magical beings, that are directly in front of the door in our garden, are appreciated by the health specialits of the Larimar. The herbs are used in the Larimar kitchen and in the Larimar Premium Spa. Enjoy the natural idyll on an walk through the Larimar Garden paradise and get to know a large variety of medicinal herbs.

Soothing Relaxation
at the sauna area

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